US expresses concern over deployment of Russian troops in Kazakhstan

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blankenship has raised concerns about the deployment of Russian troops in Kazakhstan.

The situation in Kazakhstan is tense due to protests following the rise in LPG and oil prices, and so far dozens have been killed since the president fired his cabinet.

Following the tense situation in Kazakhstan, Russian-led troops have arrived, with about 2,500 troops arriving in Kazakhstan.

The US Secretary of State, while questioning the arrival of Russian troops in Kazakhstan, said that it was not clear why troops were being deployed while the US viewed that the Kazakh government could deal with the situation on its own.

Anthony Blinken said that recent history teaches that once the Russians come to your home, it is sometimes very difficult to get them out.

“In my opinion, the Kazakh government is capable of dealing with all these issues properly, so it is not clear why there was a need to blockade the deployment of troops from outside,” he said.

According to media reports, after intense protests in other cities, including the city of Almaty, the President of Kazakhstan asked for help in controlling the protests.

In this regard, Russian officials say that the deployment of troops in Kazakhstan is done under a mutual security agreement.

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