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As it became known a few days ago, the 79th installment of the Golden Globes will take place next Sunday, January 9, although there will be some changes in the program, such as the absence of press, celebrities or red carpet.

These restrictions come before the growing rise of the omicron variant in the United States, but also amid controversy and a boycott of those who accuse the organization of racist behavior, sexism and lack of diversity, main reason why the chain NBC refused to broadcast it on television in 2022.

All of the above, coupled with some controversies around nominated works, could even jeopardize this event, where year after year the excellence of film and television professionals is recognized, both in the United States and worldwide. Do youWhat’s happening around the Golden Globes? We tell you.

Discrimination and lack of representation within the HFPA

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA for its acronym in English) is an organism made up of approximately 90 journalists who, despite being based in Los Angeles, write for media outside the United States.

A complaint made by Los Angeles Times in February 2021 it accused that, of these almost 90 members of the HFPA, there was not a single person of African descent, so there was talk of racism and discrimination in the guild.

Faced with criticism, the organizers announced the inclusion of 21 new members to vote in the Golden Globes categories, including six black journalists, and highlighted that, with this action, demonstrate diversity, inclusion and equity.

The HFPA added in a statement issued Tuesday that there have been “radical changes” within the organization in recent months, with those seeking a restructuring and improvement of “its bylaws”:

“During the last eight months, the HFPA has completely overhauled its bylaws, implementing radical top-down changes that address ethics and code of conduct, diversity, equity and inclusion, governance, membership, and more. Recently, the HFPA admitted its largest and most diverse class to date of 21 new members, all of whom are voters of the Golden Globe for the first time ”, explains the organization.

Polémica Emily in Paris

On the other hand, the Netflix series Emily in Paris, starring Lily Collins is in the eye of the hurricane, as she is accused of ‘buy votes and nominations‘to the aforementioned elite of journalists.

Yes, we already know that it is one of the most popular comedies since its premiere in 2020, but that does not mean that it is the target of criticism since the last installment, since it was nominated in the categories’ Best Comedy Series’ and ‘Best Actress in a Comedy Series’ for Lily Collins, which jumped a lot because, despite her popularity, she is not considered to have enough to decipher a nomination of such magnitude, in addition to being accused of perpetuating stereotypes of women who they should not be in effect today.

But not there for the thing … Within the exhaustive investigation (and complaint) made by Los Angeles Times It is said that approximately one third of HFPA members were invited by Paramount to meet in person the locations of the series, located in the French capital, in addition to allowing them witness the filming of the third season of ‘Emily in Paris’.

For two nights, the guests of the production company stayed in the exclusive Peninsula hotel, with a view of the Eiffel Tower and a wide range of amenities; The rooms have a value of 1,400 dollars, that is, approximately 28,500 pesos.

Agency boycott of the Golden Globes

Studies like Netflix Y Amazon Studios they declared that they would ‘boycott’ the Globes; What? Well, not working with them. What’s more, more than 100 public relations firms said their clients would not participate in the event until the HFPA implemented a ‘profound and lasting change’.

In addition, there is a clear protest on the part of some Hollywood actors and actresses; such is the case of Tom Cruise, who sent his three Balloons back to the group headquarters.

Arguments for non-transmission

One of the hardest hits for the Golden Globes comes from the television company NBC, which announced that it would not broadcast the ceremony in 2022 until a real change was reflected, both in its organization, as well as in the eligibility mechanisms and the ethics with which the awards are carried out.

“A change of this magnitude takes time and work. We firmly believe that HFPA takes time to get it right”, Shared the chain in a statement. It was also mentioned that, if this change was successfully achieved, they would consider broadcasting the great event next year.

As we know, much of the power of Golden Globes it has always resided in its live television broadcast, one of the most watched non-sports programs of the year in the United States. The Globes also serve as a promotional tool for many award hopefuls hitting theaters in December.

But this year, few expect to see commercials and TV commercials touting a movie’s Golden Globe nominations.

The only ‘guests’ to the ceremony

According to a press release, non-HFPA members will not be able to access the ceremony; In other words, only the organizers will be those who physically witness the ceremony. These restrictions come before the growing increase in the omicron variant in the United StatesBut behind this are also all the controversies that the HFPA has faced in recent months.

“Health and safety continue to be a priority for the HFPA. There will be no hearing on January 9 and the following precautions are being taken for the selected members and beneficiaries who will be in the room: Vaccination and booster vaccination tests, along with a negative PCR test within the previous 48 hours is required to enter; All guests must wear a mask and must keep a physical distance at all times while in the room; there will be no red carpet, ”the HFPA said in a statement.

Although we know that these measures were not taken precisely because of the pandemic, but because of everything behind the award. Either way, the ceremony of the Golden Globes It will take place on January 9, even without the presence of guests, the media or live broadcast. What will happen with this event? We will have to be vigilant in the coming days, especially this Sunday.



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