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‘We’ll piss you off’

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anti vaccine Protesters held rallies in cities across France on Saturday condemning the president Emmanuel MacronThe intent is to “pee” people denied COVID-19 shots by imposing tight restrictions on their civil liberties.

Macron said this week he wanted to upset the lives of unvaccinated people by complicating them so much that they would eventually freeze. He said the irresponsible people were irresponsible and did not deserve to be considered citizens.

In Paris, demonstrators responded by adopting their abuses, raising slogans of “we will piss you off”.

Others gave signs saying “no to” Commentary pass”, a reference to Macron’s legislative push to require proof of vaccination to enter places such as cafes, bars and museums.

TV pictures show clashes between protesters and police at one place. Protesters also held street rallies in other cities including Marseille, Nantes and Le Mans.

“(Macron’s comment) was the last straw. We are not irresponsible,” said hospital administrator Virginie Hoggett, who has avoided a mandatory vaccine order for health workers because she caught COVID-19 late last year.

The protesters accused Macron of trampling their freedoms and treating citizens unequally. They say that freedom comes with responsibilities that include protecting the health of others.

France on Friday recorded more than 300,000 new coronavirus infections for the second time in a week. The number of hospitalizations, including those of COVID-19 patients in intensive care (ICU), continues to rise, putting pressure on the healthcare system.

Some hospitals have reported that about 85% of ICU patients have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Data shows more than 90% of -12s are eligible for Kovid The shot is completely vaccinated.

People in France must already show proof of vaccination or test negative to enter restaurants and bars and use inter-regional trains. but with Omicron The infection is increasing, the government wants to give up the option of testing.

Three months before the presidential election, Macron’s blunt language was calculated, tapping into the growing frustration against the unaffiliated.

Conservative challenger Valerie Pecrese said Macron was driving a nail across the country. Far-right candidate Eric Zemour condemned the president’s childish remarks.

Protesters on the streets of the capital accuse Macron of politicizing global pandemic before the election.

“I want him to offend drug dealers and criminals, not the average person,” said a 55-year-old protester, who requested anonymity because he runs a business.


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