Dhamtari News: No market for farmers to sell organic paddy in Dhamtari district

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Publish Date: | Sat, Jan 08 2022 10:44 PM (IST)

Dhamtari. Farmers are associated with organic farming in the district for the last seven-eight years. Under various schemes of the state and central government, hundreds of farmers are cultivating paddy on thousands of acres of land by organic method, but till date no market has been prepared by the state government to sell their produce.

After harvesting the paddy crop, farmers wander to sell their produced paddy. Government camps, fairs and sell them in the open market. Many times, many places including Durg, Bhilai, Raipur sell on the demand of the needy, but there is no market to sell permanently.

Inspired by the officials of Agriculture Department and Atma Yojana, hundreds of farmers are doing organic farming in the district for the last seven-eight years, which is continuing continuously. Under the state funded organic farming mission scheme, the farmers of the city block cultivate fragrant paddy on 400 acres.

Whereas Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) which is a centrally funded scheme, urban blocks have been selected under this scheme. Here farmers of seven villages Sarangpuri, Khairbhari, Karaiha, Sankara, Amdi etc. have been doing organic farming on 1000 hectares.

Free seeds are distributed to the farmers under the scheme. On the other hand, farmers of Nagari, Dhamtari, Kurud and Magarlod are cultivating black, red paddy and zinc paddy on about 250 acres under natural farming under Atma Yojana. There is no market in the district to buy paddy produced by farmers after cultivating under these schemes.

Sell ​​rice by putting up stalls

Atma Yojana official FL Patel told that there is a facility to sell the paddy produced by farmers of the organic farming district by putting up stalls in various camps of the government. Last year, paddy was sold to some private companies in Delhi, Gurgaon and Chennai after contacting farmers.

Similarly, farmers doing organic farming sell by contacting businessmen in Durg-Bhilai, Raipur and many places through the group.

At the same time, farmers sell their produce at Rs 70 to 80 per kg in fairs and other programs to the needy through various means. At present, there is no system to buy their produced paddy from the government level. Some farmers even sell their produced paddy on support price.

Government should fix support price from 4000 to 6000 rupees

Farmers Shailendra Sahu of Kodebod, who are doing organic farming, Ramon Sahu of Gadadih, Kumbhj Singh Kunjam of Urputi and Veer Singh Sori of Siltara are demanding that the government should convert their produced organic paddy to organic paddy like Kodo-Kutki, Ragi-Madia. Set support price.

Fix support price for organic paddy from Rs 4000 to 6000 so that farmers can sell their organic paddy in procurement centers.

Because in organic farming the production is very less till the last three years. In such a situation, farmers get very less profit, so the support of organic produced paddy should be more than other paddy, so that farmers get benefit and other farmers can also be motivated to do organic farming.

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