Essay on Bhogi Festival in Hindi

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In this article you will read Essay on Bhogi Festival in Hindi. In this, you can get information like what is Bhogi, its importance, date, and how it is celebrated.

Essay on Bhogi Festival in Hindi

this festival is a Pongal festival is a part of. It is the first day of Pongal. This Bhogi festival is mainly celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

What is a Bhogi? What is Bhogi in Hindi?

Bhogi festival or Bhogi, this day is the first day of Pongal festival. This day is for the respect and worship of Lord Indra.

Indra Dev is considered to be the god of clouds and rain. this day worship of god indra It is used to get abundance of crop or to get more crop. Farmers especially celebrate this day with enthusiasm.

People believe that by worshiping Lord Indra on this day and pleasing him, he will get rain on time according to the harvest and everyone will benefit in the field of agriculture.

On this day because of worshiping Indra Indran Also called. this festival Makar Sankranti Also celebrated. In some states, this festival is also celebrated as Pedda Panduga.

When is Bhogi festival? When is the Bhogi Festival in Hindi? 2022

Seven in 2022 Bhogi festival, January 13, will be celebrated on Thursday.

Importance of Bhogi Festival in Hindi

The importance of Bhogi festival is very much for the farmers. all farmers Worship Lord Indra for a good harvest.

They believe that by doing this Indra Dev will be pleased And they will bring rain at the right time so that their crops will be good. Everyone is very eagerly waiting for the Bhogi festival.

How do people celebrate Bhogi festival? How Bhogi is Celebrated in Hindi?

On the day of Bhogi festival, everyone cleans their homes well. cleaning up And decorate the house beautifully. Pongal festival begins from this day and people wear beautiful new clothes.

Kolam Kolam

All the poor to the rich people wash the floors of their houses well and also do the painting of the houses. Along with cleaning the house, people decorate the floors of the houses by making “kolams” which are made from fresh rice paste.

In the middle of those kolams, make a ball of cow dung and decorate pumpkin flowers in them. To celebrate this day, farmers bring their new rice, turmeric and sugarcane home from the fields.

Surya Dev Prayer

A different and important puja is performed before the harvesting of the crop. In this, farmers worship the Sun God and anoint their plow and sickle with sandalwood.

Holika Holika

In the evening all the people of Punjab Lohri festival like- bonfire burns And in it, some things made of wood and the efflors made of cow dung are also burnt.

On this day in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra girls burn their old clothes in Holika and wear new clothes after bathing and applying oil.

Pongal Panai Pongal Panai

A ritual or ritual called Pongal panai is also celebrated in which earthen pots are colored and beautiful artwork is done. After the festival of Bhogi, one by one the Pongal festival also starts.

Conclusion Conclusion

Bhogi festival is not only a harvest festival of the farmers of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra but it is also part of the most prominent festival of these states. Hope this article has got complete information about Bhogi festival.

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