dhaba business ideas hindi how to open a dhaba on the highway

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How to Open Dhaba On Highway

Dhaba business ideas in hindi: – Today we go on top of any highway, we find many food dhabas and these are hotels or dhabas which run for 24 hours because big highways connect one state to another. So means have been run on them day and night and all eat food, so today there are many people who earn good money by doing dhaba or hotel on the highway.

And this is such a business that runs for 24 hours and there is no season and or business will never decrease because there will never be less resources on the highway and customers will keep on increasing, then any person if he wants to start his own business. If so, you can open a Dhaba on the highway and earn good money inside it.

Requirements for Dhaba Above Highway Dhaba On Highway Business Hindi

Open Dhaba On Highway Requirements :- Many things are not required to start this business, but still the things that are needed depend on the size of the business because this business can be started from home or can start this work by renting a shop. Is ,

  • place (shop)
  • Investment
  • Staff
  • marketing
  • Electricity, water facilities
  • License

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Investment for Dhaba on Highway

Investments For Open Dhaba On Highway  :- Investment in this business depends on this business and on the land because if you start big business then you have to invest more and start small business. (Open Dhaba On Highway Business  hindi ) So less investment has to be done in it.

And if you have your own land then work can be done in less money and if you buy or rent the land then you have to invest more in it then more investment has to be done on the stock of the machine because inside it Have to buy more cars first

Total Investment :- Around Rs. 20  लाख To Rs. 50  लाख

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place to open a dhaba above the highway dhaba business ideas in hindi,

Space For Open Dhaba On Highway :- For this the choice of place should be done correctly, so the choice of place is a main part in it. The shop should be in such a place from where there is more movement of people and everyone can know about the shop and at the same time we can open our shop in such a place.

Space :-300 से  500 Square Foot

Documents required to open Dhaba on the highway

Document For Open Dhaba On Highway    :- The registrations and licenses required for wheel alignment business may vary with the state: GST registration, MSME registration, business license,

Personal Document (PD) :- Personal Document Inside there are many documents like:

  • ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card
  • Address Proof :- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,
  • Bank Account With Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,
  • Other Document

Business Document (PD)

  • Business Registeration
  • License

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Where it can be profitable to open a dhaba

The Dhaba should be opened where a large number of people come to eat and drink. Some of these special places are as follows:-

  • along the highway
  • near petrol pump
  • industrial area where people come in large numbers to work
  • near tourist place
  • in open space a little far from hotels in the city
  • around crowded market
  • near bus stop
  • near railway station

What are the things needed for a Dhaba on the highway?

What are the basic things required for a successful Dhaba operation? On considering this, it came to know that for running a dhaba, some special things are required from cooking, serving food to the customer, these are the main ones:-

  1. gas stove
  2. tandoor
  3. chair table
  4. bunk beds
  5. dinner plates
  6. plates
  7. glass
  8. spoon
  9. cooking utensils
  10. fry pan
  11. Stirrer for storing lentils, vegetables, rice
  12. Karchal, Jhara

raw material for dhaba above highway dhaba business ideas in hindi,

  1. flour
  2. Rice
  3. pulses
  4. vegetables
  5. Milk
  6. Curd
  7. Oil
  8. Ghee,
  9. Spices
  10. Butter
  11. cheese etc.

staff for dhaba above highway

  • a cook
  • A Tandoor Man Non Missy Roti Maker
  • two waiters to serve food to customers
  • a sweeper

Some special tips for running a Dhaba Dhaba business ideas in hindi,

1. It is known to all that Dhaba is famous for the taste of its food. Sometimes a dhaba becomes a local brand for its taste and quality. People from far and wide come to eat food at that dhaba or get it packed or order food by online order.

2. The delicious food at the dhaba is prepared by the cook working there. The Dhaba operator should put a condition in front of a cook before hiring him that people will like his hand-cooked food, only then he will be kept on the job, otherwise he can also be fired.

3. If the customers do not like the cook’s food in the trial, then such cook should be replaced by another good cook.

4. The waiters should be good and smart, who can treat the customers well and can also provide good food service to many customers at the same time.

5. To make the Dhaba famous, the Dhaba operator should decorate his Dhaba well inside and out. There should be a skirt and other lights giving plenty of light outside. So that the drivers of the vehicles passing through the highway can see the Dhaba from a distance. So that he can come to the dhaba.

6. There should be special arrangement for cleanliness at the Dhaba. The drinking water should be pure and the camper with drinking water should be very attractive.

7. Women and girls also come to the dhaba among bus passengers and tourists. Keeping them in mind, special arrangements for toilets should be made for them so that they do not face any kind of inconvenience. Because the drivers of long distance buses stop the buses at the dhaba after a long time.

earning inside the dhaba above the highway

Talking about earning in this business, it gives above 50% profit margin on top of everything else. Dhaba’s business is based on taste and quality. The dhaba which has good tasting food, the customer will also buy it at a slightly higher price.

Dhaba Business Marketing Above Highway

Marketing of Open Dhaba On Highway Business  :- Marketing is also needed for any business Wheel Alignment Shop Business The best way for marketing is to run ads on local TV for publicity. Add in the paper. Get a nice pamphlet printed on color paper and distribute it in the city. There are many ways in which marketing can be done, salesmen can also be kept throughout the shop.

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