Take care of yourself in the cold, don’t get harassed by the cold

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This year has started with the fear of the third wave of Corona. As time goes on, this fear is only increasing. During this time the figures of infection and death have also started increasing rapidly. While the government is once again imposing restrictions on public and work places, doctors are constantly being instructed to wear masks and avoid going to crowded places to avoid the epidemic. In this case, a little carelessness can prove to be fatal.

Cold and flu is a common problem in this season. These problems have also been considered the most important as a symptom of corona. Corona infection affects the nose, throat and lungs the most. Therefore, prevention and care in this regard is very important. If you want, you can get rid of the problem to a great extent by trying some traditional home remedies.

panacea in winter
Tulsi and ginger are considered to be a panacea for cold and flu. Its consumption gives immediate relief. Take five to seven basil leaves in a cup of hot water. Add a piece of ginger to it as well. Let it boil for some time and make a decoction of it. When the water is completely reduced to half, then drink it slowly. It will prove to be very beneficial.

Similarly, the use of lemon and honey is also very beneficial in cold and cold. Taking two spoons of honey and one spoon of lemon juice in a glass of water, mixing honey in a glass of lukewarm water or warm milk is very beneficial. Consumption of garlic is also very beneficial in this season. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin, which is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Eat five cloves of garlic roasted in ghee during winters. Doing this once or twice will give a lot of relief in cold.

turmeric and milk
Mixing one spoon of turmeric in hot water or hot milk and drinking it provides rapid relief in cold and flu. This recipe is useful not only for children but also for adults. Turmeric is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, which is very helpful in fighting cold and cold. Although ginger has many benefits, but ginger tea provides great relief in cold and cold. In case of cold and flu symptoms, finely chop fresh ginger and add a cup of hot water or milk to it. Drink it after boiling for some time. This recipe helps in getting relief from cold and flu.

aCaution and Instruction
To prevent cold and flu, it is necessary to avoid drinking cold water. Use only lukewarm water for drinking. This will make it easier for you to recover from a cold.
If there is a sore throat or the nose is blocked, you should gargle with salt in warm water. Gargling with salt every morning after waking up clears the throat. Its importance increases in cold and cold. Therefore, at least do salt gargle in this season.
Whenever you are troubled by cold or flu, especially avoid going to dirty places. The risk of infection is high in such places. If you are already suffering from cold, then going to such places also increases the chances of getting fever.
Everyone likes hot soup, but its importance increases when a person is troubled by cold and cold. Drink hot soup in this season. This will help in getting rid of the problem of cold and flu.
Generally, people enjoy sips of tea a lot in winters. Whenever you have a cold, use ginger in tea, it will cure cold and cold quickly.
(yThis article is for general information and awareness only. Seek expert help for treatment or health advice.)

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