Flying high

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As a gift to a king, someone presented two children of an eagle. Never before had the king seen such a magnificent eagle. The king appointed an experienced man to look after them. After some time the king saw that both the eagles had grown quite big. The king said to the man taking care of the eagles, ‘I want to see their flight. You signal them to fly.’ He did exactly the same. As soon as the signal was received, both the eagles started flying. But while one eagle was touching the heights of the sky, the other went up and sat down on the same branch from which it had flown. Seeing this, the king felt somewhat strange.

‘What’s the matter, where one eagle is flying so well, the other one does not want to fly at all?’, asked the king. The servant said, ‘Sir, this is the problem with this eagle from the beginning. He doesn’t even leave this branch.’ The king loved both the eagles and wanted to see the other eagle fly in the same way. The next day, it was announced in the entire state that whoever will be able to fly this eagle high will be given many prizes.

Many people came after hearing the announcement of the king but all failed. Then one day the king saw that both the eagles were flying in the sky. He immediately asked to find out the person who did this feat.

When asked, the person said, ‘I am a simple farmer. I just cut the branch on which he was used to sitting. When she could not put it, the other eagle also started flying high with its companion. Actually, we are all made to fly high. Just sometimes we get so used to what we are doing that we forget our ability and passion to fly high.

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