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Winter is in full swing. Colds are spreading everywhere. Due to severe cold, a large number of people are suffering from various diseases.

A large number of people prefer home remedies for seasonal ailments, and today they are aware of the magical effects of green cardamom which is no less than a messiah in these winter ailments.


This is a very useful recipe for cough. For this, take a pinch of green cardamom powder, a teaspoon of ghee and half a teaspoon of desi ghee, mix it well and peel it. This will cure the cough one hundred percent.

Dry cough

Dry cough is very common in winter and is very painful. There is no better treatment than cardamom to get rid of it.

Cough and chest tightness

Colds in winter cause chest tightness, cough and difficulty in breathing. To treat this, take cardamom and Egyptian in the ratio of 1 and 3, then grind them both well. One teaspoon of this powder is used three times a day to get rid of chest tightness.

Get cold

There is no better medicine for this purpose than green cardamom tea, drinking it does not even bring cold.

Green leafy vegetables are also effective in other diseases

Experts emphasize the use of green cardamom for protection against sore throat, cough, cold and many throat diseases. So include it in your diet to protect yourself from these diseases.

Apart from these diseases, green cardamom is also very beneficial in indigestion, elimination of bad breath, stomach acid and heart disease.

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