In Murree, a hotel renting more than a tourist family has been sealed

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Numerous deaths, including women and children, in vehicles stuck in the snow (Photo: Video Grab)



After heavy snowfall in Murree, 22 people died on the spot due to traffic jam and non-receipt of aid.
Charging thousands of rupees for a few hours during heavy snowfall by Murree hotels also made ‘Boycott Murree’ a trend on Twitter.
Meanwhile, a Twitter user, while sharing the bill of a local hotel, claimed that on the fateful night of Murree, the rent of a room without heater and hot water was 20,000 rupees, with the order to vacate the room at 12 o’clock the next day. The hotel card is present along with the bill, now let’s see what action the management can take on it.
A number of users lodged similar complaints. Shortly afterwards, the Twitter account of the Chief Secretary Punjab was informed that “Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi has investigated the matter and the hotel has been sealed.”

A few days ago, heavy snow fell in Murree, one of the leading tourist destinations of Pakistan and a few kilometers away from the federal capital Islamabad. Meanwhile, the road from Murree to Abbottabad was jammed due to heavy snowfall, with dozens of vehicles stranded for hours. Several people in the vehicles were killed during the incident.
According to rescue workers, 22 bodies, including women and children, were recovered from vehicles stranded in Murree after the snowfall.


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