Out of the population of one crore, 73 lakhs got the vaccine, the first dose was 48.34 lakhs and the second dose was 25.28 lakhs. , Out of the population of one crore, 73 lakhs got the vaccine, the first dose was 48.34 lakhs and the second dose was 25.28 lakhs.

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The speed of corona is increasing continuously in western UP. Corona infected have been found in Muzaffarnagar (290), Shamli (145) and Saharanpur (133) of Saharanpur division. In a single day, 568 corona infected patients have been found in the division. There have been 1759 active cases in the division. Seeing the increasing figures of Corona, there is panic among the people, while the concern of health officials has increased along with the divisional officers. In view of the increasing corona infection, monitoring is being done by creating a containment zone. But still the number of corona patients is increasing.

more than 20 doctors positive in saharanpur division
From January 1 to 10, more than 20 doctors, 5 officers (IAS and IPS ranks), 59 policemen, 41 teachers, 190 students and other officers have been found positive in Saharanpur division. Out of these, the number of public dealing people is more. All homes have been isolated. While about 49 corona infected patients are admitted in different hospitals of Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar and Shamli. However, these patients are said to be healthy and on room oxygen.

1759 Active Case
In the third wave, around 1900 corona positives have been found so far in Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar and Shamli. Out of which about 141 patients have been cured. However, the number of active cases at present is 1759. There are active cases in Saharanpur (668), Muzaffarnagar (707) and Shamli (384).

73 lakhs vaccinated
The population of Saharanpur division is about one crore. In which Saharanpur is 41 lakh, Muzaffarnagar is 48 lakh and Shamli is 13 lakh. The vaccination campaign is going on from 16 January 2021. Out of about one crore population, 73 lakh people have been vaccinated so far. Out of which 48.34 lakh have received the first dose and 25.28 lakh have received the second dose.

A total of 33.98 lakh have been vaccinated in Saharanpur. Out of which the first is 21.71 and the second is 12.26 lakh. A total of 29.73 lakhs have been vaccinated in Muzaffarnagar. Out of which the first dose is 18.89 lakh and the second dose is 10.83 lakh people. At the same time, 11.94 lakh people have total vaccines in Shamli. Out of which the number of people taking the first dose is 7.74 lakh and the number of those taking the second dose is 4.19 lakh.

Divisional Commissioner Lokesh M. says that the number of corona infection patients is increasing in Saharanpur division. Health departments have been instructed not to reduce the care of corona infection patients with treatment and vigilance.

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