How to write a letter to the President – Address to send the letter, information on complaint letter format in Hindi

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What is letter? how to write letter to president What is the online application process for complaining to the President. What is the complaint letter format

Today we are going to provide you information related to how to write a letter to the President through this post, because in earlier times, writing a letter to the President is a far cry, it was also very difficult to contact him, but in today’s time, it was very difficult to get in touch with him. In the era, through the Internet, at any time, you can reach your point of view to the President and the Chief Minister. It is well known to all that our country is moving very fast towards Digital India. Therefore, now whether it is the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister or any officer, we can reach anyone through our letter in two ways. One through online mode and the other through offline mode.

So let us now give you complete information about how the letter is written in both the ways through this post to the Prime Minister. If there is any person among you who wants to convey your complaint or something to the Prime Minister, then definitely read this post of ours till the end.

what is letter?

First of all, we would like to tell you that the letter is where we write on the copy to convey the thoughts going on in our mind to the other person. There are two types of letters, a letter is one that we write on a copy and send it through post to the person to whom we want to express our views. And second letter we write through online medium through email or SMS for which we need internet. There will hardly be any person in today’s time who has never written a letter to anyone, whether it is online or offline.

online contact helpline number

Pratibha Patil, the President of India, had started an online service in the year 2007 for people to contact the President’s Secretariat, through which people could reach their Mann Ki Baat to the President through that online service. After the launch of this online service, it became even easier for people to convey their point of view to the President. Next, by filling the application form, you can file your complaint or complaint online to the President Shri Ramnath Singh Govind ji.

how to write a letter to the president

Online Application Process for Complaining to the President

Letter to the President
  • You can apply in both the languages ​​on this website.
  • After opening the website you Lodge a Request Or click on Enter Request.
  • Now you will see a new page on your screen in which a form will be in front of you to fill it.
  • Now you have to fill full name, password, correct full address, pincode, country name, state name, telephone, mobile number and email address.
  • Keep in mind that for any update related to the complaint, the President’s Secretariat Office will contact you through email and mobile number only, so fill your mobile number and email address correctly.
  • Now write your complaint in detail in the box given below, whose maximum number of characters will be 4000.
  • If you have any PDF then you can upload otherwise it is not necessary. After that you can fill the captcha code given below submit Submit the letter by clicking on the button.

How to write an offline letter to the President of the country

  • First of all you have to address the President of the country in the name of His Excellency.
  • After that you have to give basic details of your point in very short and clear words so that you can get to know about it even before reading the letter.
  • After that you have to tell your point by writing sir. While writing the letter, take special care that nothing is repeated from the beginning to the end of the letter because it will make your letter bigger.
  • After finishing your talk, be sure to write a thank you. After this, please give information about yourself by writing to you and sign it.
  • At the end you should give information about the date and place.

Example Of Letter To President


Honorable President

Rashtrapati Bhavan 110004 New Delhi


First of all you have to introduce yourself, as I am Akshay, and my main work is this. To tell about yourself, you should also mention your name and father’s name along with the address. After this, whatever you want to talk, write it in very short and clear words. You have to tell along with your problem why you wrote this letter to the President. After telling all the things, you also have to tell the President how your problem can be solved. Have you written a letter to any other department for resolution? You have to write everything in this letter with complete information. You can write this letter in English or Hindi or whatever your language is.

According to me, you should write the letter in English or in Hindi only. You do not have to write incomplete things in the letter. If you want to attach any document with the letter, then also mention that in the letter. Finally you have to finish the letter. At the end of the letter, write that I hope that when you get this letter, you will think critically about me, this letter is written to you with the last hope, you can also use emotional words. I cannot tell you more than how the rest of the letter is written. Keep in mind that you are writing a letter to the President, that’s why you should have information about how to use words, how much to use.

Yours Your Name and Address Yours faithfully

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