Sugar discovered water on the surface of the moon

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China’s space mission Cheng has discovered evidence of water on the surface of the moon. Most of these molecules accumulated on the moon during solar wind implantation.

The report states that the Chinese space mission has discovered water molecules or hydroxyl on the moon which is a chemical like H2O. Experts have analyzed that the water on the surface of the moon is less than 120 parts per million, according to which the surface of the moon is much drier than the earth.

For decades, scientists believed that the moon was completely dry, so the intense radiation from the sun did not protect the water molecules.

NASA had said in its research that if the amount of water discovered on the surface of the moon is compared with that of the Sahara Desert, then there is a hundred times more water in this desert.

However, despite the small amount, the discovery raises the question of how water was formed and maintained on the moon’s hard and wind-deprived surface.

When astronauts first landed on the moon in 1969, it was thought to be completely dry, but over the past 20 years, various missions have confirmed snow in dark pits in the moon’s polar regions.

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