Murree tragedy, entire state responsible, directs PM to take action within a week

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ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has held the entire state responsible for the Murree tragedy.

The Chief Justice remarked angrily to the members of NDMA not to impose on others, it was the responsibility of NDMA to enforce the law, whoever comes here says leave the law.

During the hearing, members of the DMA appeared before the court and read out the NDMA law. Chief Justice Atharmanullah said that he hoped that you have read the law of NDMA. Determine who is responsible for the 22 people who died, if there were preparations and measures, the lives of 22 people and children would not have been lost.

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Asked by the Chief Justice, the DMA members said that the commission had held five meetings from 2007 to 2018. The Chief Justice remarked that if there could be a body more powerful than this, the law exists, if implemented, not a single life would have been lost.

This is such a strong law that it gives responsibility to every district. Lack of meetings is a failure of NDMA. You are responsible for this accident, do you want a decision from this court, all the people in NDMA law are responsible for these killings. This is an important and urgent matter. The National Disaster Management Commission (NDMC) should determine the culprits and submit a report by January 21.

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