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Best Carrom Board Game App List In HindiDo you remember the carrom game which all of you must have played at one time or another. But do you know by playing Carrom online sitting at home how to earn money, Yes friends, this is the topic of our today’s article. Through this article we will tell you how you can earn Real Paytm Cash by playing carrom game online.

Playing carrom online is a very fun game, where you get a chance to earn money along with entertainment. In this article, we have told you about such an application which really gives you money to play carrom game. So friends, without taking much of your time, let’s start this article. Carrom Board Game App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye.

What is Carrom Game

Carrom is a board game which is very popular in India. This game can be played by 2 or more than 2 players in singles or as a team. In this game there are two colored pieces in sets of 9-9 and there is 1 queen and a striker. The striker is larger in size than the other pieces, and this is how the entire game is played. Carrom game is played on plywood or hard board.

How To Earn Money By Playing Carrom Game – Carrom Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

To earn money from carrom game, first you have to Play Store You have to download such an application from where you get a chance to earn money by playing carrom online. In money making application After downloading, you have to create your account in it, which is a very easy task for a smartphone user.

When your account is created in these applications then you can earn money in many ways, like carrom participating in competitions, Carrom Challenge, Refer and Earn etc. Some of which we have told you about the best applications below.

ways to earn money by playing carrom

You can earn money by playing carrom online in the following ways –

1 – Earn money from carrom game through Refer and Earn Program

In online carrom game also you can earn money through Refer and Earn Program like other money earning games. You can share the carrom game application with your friends, family and relatives, and if any person signs up in the carrom game through your Referral Code or Referral Link, then you get paid for it. You can easily transfer the money you have won Paytm Can transfer to Wallet.

2 – Earn money by participating in carrom competitions

Carrom contests are the best way to earn money in online carrom application. To participate in carrom competitions, you have to pay a small entry fee and then here you can play carrom game with real players. By winning in this game, you get a chance to earn Real Cash.

3 – Earn money by playing Carrom Challenge

Carrom Challenge is the third way to earn money from online carrom game application. In the carrom application, you get many challenges, completing which you can win money. Carrom challenges are in different levels in most of the applications. After completing one level, the next level is more difficult than the previous one. As the level progresses, the reward amount also increases. Apart from this, you can also challenge your friends to play carrom game.

Apps To Earn Money By Playing Carrom – Paisa Kamane Wala Carrom Board Game App

By now you must have understood that how to earn money by playing carrom game. Let us now know about such an application where you are given Real Cash for winning in the carrom game.

Although there are many such applications on the internet where you can earn money by playing carrom game, but not all applications can be trusted. There are also some applications where even after winning you are not given money. That’s why after doing a lot of research, we have brought some of the best applications for you to find.

money making carrom board app download link
WinZo Game App Download
MPL App Download
Gamezy APP Download
RojDhan App Download
Carrom Pole App Download
Carrom Clash App Download
Best Carrm Board App List

1 – Earn money by playing carrom in MPL

MPL Whose full name is Mobile Premium League, it is one of the largest online gaming platform in India. If you are fond of playing games in mobile then you must have heard the name of MPL. In MPL, you can earn crores of rupees by playing many types of games.

You also get the option of carrom game in MPL. When you create your account in MPL, after logging in, you select the carrom game. Here you will find many tournaments of carrom game in which you can participate and earn good money by winning. you put that money bank account You can also transfer easily.

2 –  Carrom Pole Best Online Board Game

Carrom Pole is one of the best board games to play, where you get to see a variety of great features. The Corona period made many people earn money along with entertainment in Quarantine by playing this game. In this application you also get a chance to play with the best players in the world.

Talking about some great features of Carrom Pole, they are as follows –

  • In Carrom Pole you can play challenge game with your friends.
  • During the day you get a free golden shot where you can try your luck and win big prizes.
  • If internet is out in your mobile then you can play this game offline also.
  • In Carrom Pole you can play multiplayer matches in two game modes, Carrom and Disc Pool.

If we talk about Play Store, then more than 100 million people have installed this application in their mobile and this app has also got a rating of 4.2. By this you can get an idea of ​​how great this application is.

3 – Earn money by playing carrom on Carrom Clash

The name of another application that earns money from carrom game is Carrom Clash. This is also a great application where you can win Real Cash by playing carrom. Most of the matches in this are between two players. Following are some of the major features of Carrom Clash application –

  • You can play multiplayer matches with your friends and real players.
  • You can earn money daily by playing online games with real players.
  • You can transfer the winning money to your Paytm account instantly.
  • You can earn more money if you participate in big competitions.
  • You can earn referrals by sharing this application with your friends.
  • You can also play carrom game offline.

earn money from carrom game Carrom Clash is the best application. You can download this app as its official Website Or you can download from Play Store.

4 – Carrom Club Paisa wala carrom app

Carrom Club is an Indian classic multiplayer board game. This disc pool carrom board game has been made in 3D with a realistic look and feel. By playing Carrom Club, you will get the experience of playing Real Carrom game. This is the most popular game to play carrom in android mobile.

You can play this game with your friends or with other local players and earn Real Paytm Cash on winning.

If we talk about Google Play Store, then more than 10 lakh people have downloaded this application and this app has got a rating of 4.3.

read these and earn money

Last Words: How To Make Money By Playing Carrom Board Game In Hindi

Carrom game is a good option to earn money with entertainment in your spare time. If you want to win Real Cash from carrom game then you can download any of the above mentioned four application and earn money by playing carrom.

That’s all in this article, you will find this article written by us Carrom Se Paise Kaise Kamaye How did you feel, do tell us in the comment box, and if you have any suggestion regarding this article, then you can also give it to us in the comment box. Earn money from online carrom game by sharing this article with your friends too.

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