Corona virus cannot be completely eradicated, says US epidemiologist

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Omicron will reach everyone, not even complete eradication of the corona virus, US epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi warned the world.

According to the report, the American epidemiologist Anthony Faucci said that the Omicron variant would reach everyone with extraordinary transmission ability. He said that there is no way to eradicate this virus, because it spreads so fast. And it has the potential to be a new variant.

Briefing US President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and US epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi, he added that the country was likely to enter a new phase with the rise and fall of Omekron.

However, it is hoped that in the future protection against it will be possible and medicines will be available, so that even if someone is infected with the virus and they are in serious danger, the patient can be treated.

Anthony Faucci, an American epidemiologist, told the US Center for Strategic and International Studies on Tuesday that Omecron would reach everyone, and that it was not possible to eradicate the corona virus completely.

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