Russian troops have begun withdrawing from Kazakhstan, the Russian ministry said

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According to Kazakh President Tokayev, the withdrawal will take no more than ten days.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, ODKB forces have begun withdrawing from Kazakhstan. In addition to Russia, troops were sent from Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense / EPA

Russia has begun withdrawing its troops from Kazakhstan on Thursday, Russia’s defense ministry said. According to the ministry, packing of the equipment for the aircraft has begun.

The President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokajev confirmed earlier that the withdrawal of Russian troops would begin on Thursday and last no more than ten days. According to Tokajev, the troops played a “very important role” in stabilizing the country.

At the request of Tokajev, the Russian-led CIS Collective Security Organization (ODKB) sent more than 2,000 troops to Kazakhstan after protests in the country escalated into unrest.

At least another hundred people died in the unrest

At least a hundred people died in the unrest in Kazakhstan and nearly 10,000 protesters were arrested.

The unrest began in the Mangistau region of western Kazakhstan as local liquefied petroleum gas prices rose at the turn of the year. The protests developed into a wider expression of dissatisfaction against, among others, the country’s president.

President Tokayev has accused the riots of attempting a coup and described the protesters as terrorists, among others.

It has been difficult to get an idea of ​​the protests in Kazakhstan, as the work of international journalists in the country was restricted and the protests were mainly based on information provided by the Kazakh administration. In addition, the internet was broken for several days.

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