ISRO: A big achievement for Gaganyaan, ISRO successful test of cryogenic engine for Gaganyaan. ISRO Gaganyaan Mission Cryogenic Engine Test Success

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  • A big success about Gaganyaan mission
  • Appointment of new chief of ISRO
  • Cryogenic engine met quality

ISRO Prompt: A big success has been achieved regarding ISRO Gaganyaan mission. The cryogenic engine was being tested for a long time and finally the team of scientists has successfully conducted the quality test of the cryogenic engine. Now this mission will get more speed. However, more tests will be done for this now. With this, ISRO has got a new chief whose name is being told as S Somnath.

The Indian Space Research Organization conducted a quality test of a cryogenic engine for a duration of 720 seconds for the Gaganyaan program at the ISRO Propulsion Complex in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, which was successful. The Bengaluru-based agency said the engine performance on Wednesday was in line with the testing objectives.

ISRO said in a statement, “This successful long-duration test is a major achievement for the manned space program – Gaganyaan. This ensures the reliability and robustness of the cryogenic engine for Gaganyaan.” According to the statement, this engine will undergo four more tests which will be of 1810 seconds. This will be followed by two short duration tests of another engine and a longer duration test to verify the cryogenic engine quality for the Gaganyaan programme, ISRO said. ISRO Chairman K Sivan said earlier this month that the design phase of India’s ambitious Gaganyaan project is complete and it has entered the testing phase.

He had said, “There is a directive to send the first unmanned mission before the 75th anniversary of India’s independence (15 August 2022) and all the parties are doing their best for it. I am sure we will achieve this goal. ISRO’s team seems to be moving fast in this direction. It is believed to be completed on the occasion of the upcoming Independence Day.


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