Sudden drop in corona cases in Britain new cases are increasing by 30 percent daily in Europe

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Corona cases are decreasing in Britain


  • Corona cases also declined in Britain
  • New corona cases in the UK dropped by about 55 percent
  • For a few months, a new strain of Corona was wreaking havoc in Britain, Omicron.

After South Africa, there has been a decline in corona cases in Britain as well. New corona cases in the UK have dropped by about 55 percent. Whereas in Europe the situation is quite the opposite. For the past few months, a new strain of Corona, Omicron, was wreaking havoc in Britain. This was the reason that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had imposed many restrictions including London, but now with the decline in cases, the citizens of Britain have got some relief.

On January 4, 2 lakh 18 thousand new cases of corona were reported in Britain. Whereas after about 8 days on January 12, only 1 lakh 29 thousand new cases have been confirmed. A decline in new cases of corona has been reported in 95 out of 315 UK councils. The same is happening in London when cases are continuously decreasing. On the other hand, the havoc of Corona still continues in Europe. About 30 percent more new cases are being reported in Europe. Except for five countries including Russia, Greece, the cases of corona in other countries continue to rise.

The rate of increase of corona cases in Italy is 47 percent. While 48 in Portugal, 54 in France, 60 in Germany, 75 in Holland, 91 in Belgium, 161 in Austria, 224 in Romania and 258 in Serbia, cases are increasing daily. Countries of Europe are also continuously taking new steps to control Corona. British scientists had said on this that it seems exactly like South Africa where the first cases increased rapidly, but later a sudden drop was also seen.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tendered an apology in the House of Commons on Wednesday amid growing outrage over reports of a party in the Garden of his Downing House residence during the country’s coronavirus lockdown in May 2020. Johnson has been under intense pressure from members of the opposition Labor Party as well as his own Conservative Party after an emailed invitation to the party to be held at the Garden of 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s official residence, appeared in the media.

Expressing regret in the matter, he admitted for the first time that he had joined the party. Johnson said he thought the event was within the scope of his work-related events. In a statement to the House of Commons, the lower house of parliament, ahead of the prime minister’s weekly questioning session, Johnson said, “I want to apologize. I know lakhs of people in this country have made extraordinary sacrifices in the last 18 months.


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