Roshni Chopra Giving Tips On How To Decorate Coffee Table

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Roshani Chopra promotes both health and beauty.

New Delhi:

TV actress Roshni Chopra loves to keep every corner of her house clean and furnished. She is fond of doing aesthetic decor and decorates everything herself. Not only this, she also promotes healthy living and advises people to stay fit. She finds her own unique way of doing everything related to fashion, makeup, décor and lifestyle. Roshni Chopra often shares these tips with her followers as well, as in this video she is telling fans how they can decorate their coffee table.

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Lights gives these tips to decorate the coffee table-

To layer decor items together, place books under them as a base.
Keep the things of your choice close and choose things with different types of textures which are pleasing to the eyes.
Living elements like plants, flowers or branches are always good options.
Candles make everything better.
Lastly, Roshni Chopra’s advice is to keep everything in pairs of three as it makes things look more beautiful.

Roshni Chopra also shares the recipe of her favorite dishes on social media like she is doing in this post. In this post, he has told the recipe of making Yogurt Dip.


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