Unique feature to hide WhatsApp message from others

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It often happens that a friend of yours asks for a mobile phone to view and at the same time if a message is received on WhatsApp then the name of the sender in the notification appears along with the text of the message.

Lock screen Display message text in notifications on A smart feature of WhatsApp Allows you to read messages without unlocking the phone.

This feature was introduced to reduce battery consumption, but in your absence anyone can read this message without your knowledge which is also against your privacy.

But did you know that the text of the message that appears in the WhatsApp notification can also be hidden.

The option to hide ‘Message Preview’ for iOS users is included in the WhatsApp application but Android users To this Feature Will need to be activated by going to your phone’s settings.

After enabling the Preview Hide option, only the sender’s name will appear on the notification panel.

How to hide message preview on lock screen in Android

1. Go to the phone’s settings section

2. Tap on ‘Apps and Notifications’ and search for WhatsApp

3. Go to Notifications after searching the app

4. Disable the ‘Show Notifications’ option. Once you disable it, you won’t see any WhatsApp messages on the phone’s lock screen or notification panel.

But if you want to hide the text of the message on the notification panel without disabling notifications for WhatsApp, then you have to disable the ‘High Priority’ feature of WhatsApp.

This is a unique feature that helps users to make better use of push notifications.

Enabling this feature will get all notifications about individual or group chats, however you will not receive any notifications after disabling it.

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