Nazim Jokhio was killed for not apologizing, Saifullah Abro

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Saifullah Abro has said that on November 2, foreigners came to his area for hunting. Called by

He said that Nazim Jokhio was tortured in the house of a local MP, he was brought in front of foreigners and asked to apologize, for refusing to apologize Nazim Jokhio was killed and his body was thrown outside the bungalow. Gone

He also said that Jam Owais MPA and Abdul Karim MNAs were involved, if the case was not registered then the widow had to protest.

Chairman Committee Waleed Iqbal has said that the name of MNA is now included in the FIR, in response to which Saifullah Abro said that it was proved during the investigation then his name was included in the FIR.

Saifullah Abro said that no terrorism clause has been imposed in this case. The committee recommended to provide security to the widow of Rangers, but despite the recommendation of the committee, she was not provided security. Easily left the court.

On this occasion, Chairman Committee Waleed Iqbal said that this case seems to be the light case of Sindh.


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