Programs to copy files faster and with pause on Windows

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6 excellent programs to copy files, transfer them and move them faster on Windows PC

When we copy a file from one folder to another or from one device to another the transfer is slower as the size of the files to be moved increases, making the operation very frustrating. To this we add that, if the connection or the transfer fails, we will have to start all over again, without being able to restore the transfer in progress.

To have more control when transferring files (especially if we are talking about important files), in the following guide we will show you the best programs to use to copy files on Windows faster, also taking advantage of advanced features such as pause in loading, the checksum control system (to verify that the file has been transferred without problems) and finally the virus check.

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1) Teracopy

Teracopy, the most popular and one of the fastest, copies files through the fastest channel and does not crash in case of problems. TeraCopy can also be incorporated into the Windows File Explorer context menu and allows you to pause the copy process at any time and resume it later. The copy speed is much better than Windows and it has an intelligent error recovery process.

Unlike the classic Windows copy and paste, multiple files can be quickly copied and pasted together, placed in different folders. The best use can be referred to when, for example, you have to transfer files to the USB pen, when you want to transfer documents of the same type to organize them in the various folders but above all when it comes to large files that take longer to move from one place to another. Once installed and opened, the copy process is started by pressing the key Source and selecting one or more folders where the files to be copied are located.

Then you choose where to transfer those folders and, using the green button at the top, you can start the copy process for data transfer. In the experiment done, I started copying about 2 GB of images placed in different folders, and it took about 50 seconds of time. Had I done it with the classic drag and drop and copy and paste, it would have taken at least 5/6 minutes.

Teracopy can completely replace the Windows transfer system or, in a more intelligent way, ask the question of what to use for the copy during the process itself, so as to leave the user the possibility to choose what to copy with Teracopy and what to copy with the system integrated in Windows.

2) Copy Handler

An excellent program for copying files quickly is Copy Handler, perhaps less complete than Teracopy but still very effective in copying or transferring groups of files quickly without slowing down and with many options also to resume interrupted transfers and to resolve errors. The process of copying and moving files becomes significantly faster using these programs.

With Copy Handler we are able to perform multiple batch copy and move operations and we can also suspend and resume the copy activity by pausing it, so as not to have problems or errors with the file transfer.

3) FastCopy

FastCopy is another very fast file copy tool in transferring. Just like TeraCopy, FastCopy also allows users to copy or move files between folders.

This program is quick and easy, being able to like valid alternative to Teracopy on not very powerful PCs, which therefore require lighter programs for this type of operation.

4) Fast File Copy

Fast File Copy is probably the most complete program for copying, since opens a window divided into two sectionsthus simplifying the selection of the source and destination folder for file transfer.

To proceed, simply select the files on the left side and the destination folder on the right to start the transfer. The transfer speed of the software is much higher than the original transfer speed of the copy of Windows.

5) File Fisher

File Fisher is the most versatile of the programs for copying files, fully customizable, that it can be carried in a USB stick for immediate use in any computer.

Using this program, you can pause, resume or cancel the copy process at any time and restart it from the exact point it left off.

6) Ultracopier

Ultracopier it is free and very fast in copying files.

It is currently one of the best alternatives to TeraCopy on the list, since offers the ability to start multiple tasks at the same time without slowing down the computer excessively. In fact, it is essential for those who often copy from several different sources to multiple destinations, so as to be able to copy everything quickly without having to proceed individually.


Although the file transfer system has improved a lot on Windows 11 and Windows 10, many do not give up easily on programs like Teracopy or one of the alternatives seen in this guide, since for the copying large files or for copying sensitive or important files the system built into Windows still shows obvious gaps. In offices these types of programs are still very popular, while in the home they can only be useful when we are transferring a lot of files or moving very large files.

If we need to copy files to a wireless device (such as a phone or tablet), we recommend that you read our guides on how transfer documents from PC to smartphone and how send files between PC and Android (mobile or tablet) in wifi without cables.

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