How to start Chikki and Laddu making business. How to start chikki and laddu making business in hindi

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How to start chikki and laddu making business plan in hindi

Chikkis and Laddu are such sweets, which are often liked by the people of different states of the country. The demand for laddus is very high in almost all the houses of North India. Different types of laddus are found in these regions. in stores Motichoor, Gram flour Peach laddus are sold in huge quantities. To make Chikki beneficial for health, it contains various types of dry FruitsNuts are added, which increases the nutritional value of Chikki.

For making chikkis and laddus Necessary raw material (raw material required for chikki and laddu making)

Various types of raw materials are required to make Chikki and Laddu. Here the raw material of laddus sold at the main level is being described.

Groundnut Rs 70 per kg
Jaggery Rs 70 per kg
Sugar Rs 45 per kg
Coconut Rs 8
Rajgira Rs 100
Sesame Rs 200 per kg
Murmur Rs 31 per kg
Lai Rs.80 per kg
Gram Rs.78 per kg

of all these raw materials jaggery making business You can also start yourself.

Necessary Utensil (required Utensils)

For making laddus or chikkis Big embroidery, spoon, ladle, rectangular wooden plank, on which chikki can be kept etc. is required.

chikki laddu business

A type of sweet and necessary space for the business of making chikkis (required place for laddu and chikki making business)

  • Domestically: If you want to set up this business at domestic level without machine, then you need 200 square meter to 250 square meter space for production of Chikki and Laddu.
  • Machine installation: About 300 square meters of space is required to install the necessary machines for this business. The packaging of the material made after this requires 75 to 85 meters of space. Therefore, it is necessary to have about 400 to 450 square meters of space for setting up the plant.

raw where to buy ingredients (where to buy raw materials)

All raw materials can be obtained from the link given below.


A type of sweet and price of machine for making chikki (Automatic laddu and chikki making machine price)

In setting up the above mentioned Chikki making plant Total Rs. 2.4 lakh rupees Is required. with this if you A type of sweet mold making If you also want to buy then for this you have to Rs. 50,000 expenses are required to do. With the help of these two machines, you have the complete setup for making Chikki and Laddu.

Machine where to buy (where to buy machinery)


House How to make Chikki or Laddu create (How to make chikki or laddu at home in hindi)

Both Laddu and Chikki can be made easily at home. At this time, different types of machines have also come to make it.

How to make laddu at home

  • to make laddus 700 grams dry fruits, One kg peanuts, One kilo gram, 1 kg sesame, with 1 kg puffed rice approx. To 1 kg And Rajgira Is required.
  • First of all you need to keep a pan on the stove. Let the clean water heat up as needed.
  • Once the water starts heating, you have to add jaggery to it. Jaggery melts easily in hot water. After this you need to filter the jaggery mixed water in a separate vessel.
  • After this, the filtered jaggery mixed water needs to be put on high flame, so that its syrup can be made. In this you have to add nuts, peanuts, dry fruits etc.
  • You One kg Jaggery sugar syrup In About 700 grams Necessary dry fruit can mix. After mixing the above ingredients, take the mixture in your hand and make it into a round shape and keep it at a different place. In this way your hand laddu will be made.

chikki recipe at home

  • The process of making sugar syrup is same while making chikki, as it was told while making laddus. In this also jaggery has to be melted in clean hot water.
  • After this, you need to mix the required quantity of dry fruits in the syrup. One kilogram jaggery syrup in about 5 kg dry fruits Will need to mix.
  • If you want, only 5 kg peanuts Or by mixing different types of dry fruits, you can complete the quantity of 1.5 kg. This fulfills the required quantity of dry fruits required in Chikki.
  • After this spread the mixture carefully on a flat wood. Cut the chikki laid on a wooden plate into regular shapes with a sharp knife and leave it to dry.

Machine How To Make Chikkis And Laddus With The Help Of (chikki and laddu making by machine)

If you want to make more number of laddus or chikkis in less time, then use the machine. With this, you can do good business with more production in less time. To make Chikki with the help of a machine, you need different types of machines.

1. Ground Nut Roaster Machine
2. Skin Removing Machine
3. Ground Nut Jaggery Mixing Machine
4. Sheeting and Cutting Machine
5. packing machine

Chikki making plant is established by combining these five machines.

Chikki For making (chikki manufacturing process)

  • Firstly groundnut needs to be put in the ground nut roaster machine, where 180 degree Peanuts are cooked till it is heated. Peanuts become red and hard when ripe.
  • After this, peels have to be removed from the ripe peanuts. For this, a skin removing machine is used. With the help of this machine, a large quantity of peanuts can be peeled at a time.
  • After this, jaggery and peanuts are mixed with the help of a machine. For this a special type of mixing machine is used.
  • A special type of machine is used to spread this mixture in the required quantity in a tray and give it a certain thickness. With the help of this, you can provide the thickness as per the requirement of the chikki.
  • Immediately after this it has to be applied with a cutting machine. Here the machine cuts and prepares the chikki in the size decided by you. After this this chikki is prepared for packing.
  • With the help of this machine, up to 5 kg of chikki can be prepared at a time. Therefore, with the help of machine, Chikki is prepared in more quantity in less time.

A type of sweet machine for making (laddu making machine)

  • The process of mixing peanuts and jaggery to make laddus is in the same way as given while making chikkis.
  • After this you can either with the help of hand or to make laddus. mold Using this, you can prepare round shaped laddus. Which are easily given to sell in the market.
  • A special type of machine also comes, through which the shape of laddus is made round. With the help of this machine, round balls are prepared very easily.

Chikki and precautions while making laddus (laddu and chikki making Precautions)

  • To do business of Chikki and Laddu, you have to take various precautions. You need to keep checking the quality of the product you make on a regular basis. If you want to make hand made laddus, then keep in mind that the size of all the laddoos you are making should be same, that is, small should not be big. Similarly, the thickness and size of the chikki also have to be taken care of.
  • While making chikki with the help of machine ground Nut Roasting Machine The temperature has to be balanced. Peanuts can also burn if the temperature is high. While preparing these two products, you need to pay special attention to cleanliness, because due to the sticky syrup of jaggery, garbage can go in it.

A type of sweet and chikki’s how to packing (how to do packaging for laddu and chikki)

You have to take special care of its packing to sell laddus and chikkis. You can use good quality foil for chikki, you need small cartoons to pack the laddoos. You can make these packets according to the quantity of chikkis and laddoos. In packaging, you can start with 100 grams of Chikki packets. Similarly, you can make minimum 250 grams packets for laddus. Generally such sweets are sold in the market up to a maximum packet of 500 grams.

A type of sweet and marketing of chikki making business (chikki and laddu making business marketing)

Like other businesses, you have to prepare a good marketing plan for the success of this business. You can make your own laddoos or chikkis. Grocery shops For Wholesale Can sell on. You can also try marketing it in the shops of snacks etc. Marketing of this laddoos and chikkis can be done easily by visiting sweet shops. Temple and others Religious landmarks But also there are many laddus, which do the work of selling prasad, flowers etc. You can also give your laddus to sell at these shops. you promote your brand the posters, billboards, newspapers Advertisement in etc. can also be done through .

Chikki and make laddus business total cost of installation (chikki and laddu making business cost)

The information about the total cost for setting up the business of Chikki and Laddu is given below.

  • At the small (domestic) level: This business can be started easily at home level. To set up this business domestically Rs. 35,000 to Rs.45,000 cost comes.
  • On setting up the plant: To do business of laddu and chikki on a large scale, you need to set up a plant. to set up the plant Rs 5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh Have to spend inside.

A type of sweet and profit in the business of chikki (chikki and laddu making business profit)

if this business household level but then To month total Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 can be earned up to On the other hand, if you set up a plant for this business, then every month one High volume trading by total up to Rs 1 lakh earns of. Note that the higher the quality of the product made by you, the profit making is directly related to the quality of the product.

India License for the business of making laddus and chikkis in (licence for chikki and laddu making business in india)

First of all, this business was based on industry and MSME has to be registered by If you want to set up a plant, then for this you have to register the firm according to partnership or proprietorship. Apart from this, the current savings account of the firm (Current bank account), pan card etc. have to be obtained.

At present, the GST tax system is being used in the country. Therefore, it has become necessary to register the firm as per GST also.

Testing of laddoos and chikkis made as a food item FSSAI A license has to be obtained from the Food Department by doing this.

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