NREGA Job Card List 2021-22 (State-Wise) / Check & Download MGNREGA Job Cards

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NREGA Job Card List 2022 – Check Name in NREGA Job Card List (नरेगा जॉब कार्ड लिस्ट 2022) or download your job card from Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (MGNREGA) provides job cards to poor families across the countries which contains the details of the work to be done by the job card holder or NREGA beneficiary. Every year, new NREGA job card is prepared for each beneficiary which can be easily checked on the official website of MGNREGA at

Using the NREGA job card list 2022, you can check the complete list of people in your village / town will get work under the MGNREGA in the financial year 2022. Every year new people are added to the NREGA job card list and some are removed based on the criteria. Anyone who fulfill the criteria for NREGA can apply for NREGA job card.

NREGA job card list is available for last 10 years from 2010-11 to 2022 for 35 states and union territories across the country. You can follow the simple steps to download the state wise list of NREGA job cards.

NREGA Job Card List 2022 (State Wise)

Click the “View List” link in front of the name of your state or union territory in the below table and check the below procedure to download the detailed MGNREGA Job Card List for any financial year from 2010-2011 to 2022.

NREGA Job Card List 2022 State Wise Download Links

NREGA Job Card List State Wise Download

*UT Means Union Territory

Download NREGA Job Card 2022

After you have downloaded the NREGA Job card list, here we bring you the complete procedure to download NREGA job card 2022 from the official website of MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act).

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STEP 1: Firstly click the link for the appropriate state as shown in the table above which would open the MGNREGA gram Panchayat module (reports) page as shown below:-

MGNREGA Gram Panchayat Module Reports

STEP 2: You can also directly click this link and select the name of your state or union territory on the page as shown below.

NREGA Job Cards (State-Wise)
NREGA Job Cards (State-Wise)

STEP 3: Then select the financial year, district, block, Gram Panchayat and then click at the “Proceed” button to open the complete report including the Job Card number and Name as below. This will open the NREGA Gram Panchayat List similar to shown in below image.

MGNREGA Job Card Number Name
MGNREGA Job Card Number Name

STEP 4: Here click at the Job Card number against the name given in the next column which would open the MGNREGA Job Card as shown below:-

MGNREGA Job Card Download Online
MGNREGA Job Card Download Online

STEP 5: This job card could be downloaded online and can be used to get employment opportunities.

Click the direct link of NREGA Job Card List at the official website to view the complete state wise list for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005. People can also check the requested period of employment, period & work on which employment offered and period & work on which employment given.

What is MGNREGA Act, 2005?

Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA or NREGA) is an Indian labour law and social security measure that aims to guarantee the “right to work” and was passed in September 2005. This scheme aims to enhance livelihood security in rural areas by providing at-least 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to each household. For this, adult members must volunteer to do unskilled work.

NREGA was scoped up to cover all the districts of India from 1 April 2008 as the largest and most ambitious social security and public works programme in the world. Another aim of MGNREGA is to create durable assets (such as roads, canals, ponds and wells). Employment is to be provided within 5 km of an applicant’s residence, and minimum wages are to be paid.

How Does NREGA Scheme Benefit Poor People?

In case work is not provided within 15 days of applying, applicants are entitled to an unemployment allowance. This means that if the government fails to provide employment, it has to provide certain unemployment allowances to those people. Thus, employment under NREGA Scheme is a legal entitlement. MGNREGA is to be implemented mainly by gram panchayats (GPs) and the involvement of contractors is banned.

Apart from providing economic security and creating rural assets, NREGA can help in protecting the environment, empowering rural women, reducing rural-urban migration and fostering social equity. The law provides many safeguards to promote its effective management and implementation. The act explicitly mentions the principles and agencies for implementation, list of allowed works, financing pattern, monitoring and evaluation, and most importantly the detailed measures to ensure transparency and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a Job Card

Job Card is a key document that records workers entitlements under MGNREGA. It legally empowers the registered households to apply for work, ensures transparency and protects workers against fraud.

What is the procedure to register oneself for employment

Household having adult members desirous of seeking unskilled wage employment in MGNREGA may apply for registration. The application for registration may be given on prescribed form or plain paper to the local Gram Panchayat. To allow maximum opportunities to families that may migrate, registration shall also be opened throughout the year at the GP office.

How is Household defined in MGNREGA

Household means the members of a family related to each other by blood, marriage or adoption and normally residing together and sharing meals or holding a common ration card.

What is the significance of door to door survey in identification of eligible household under MGNREGA

Door to door survey helps to identify eligible households who have been missed out and wish to be registered under the Act. It should be undertaken by each GP every year and need to be ensured that this survey is held at that time of the year when people have not migrated to other areas in search of employment or for other reasons.

Who can apply for Job Card Registration

A household having adult members desirous of seeking unskilled employment in MGNREGA may apply for registration.

What is the frequency of Job Card registration

Who should apply for Job Card on behalf of a Household

Any adult member can apply on behalf of Household.

What is the definition of an adult in a household

Adult means a person who has completed 18 years of age.

Can all adult members of a household register for Job Card

Adult members of a household willing to do unskilled manual work can register themselves to obtain a job card under MGNREGA.

Is there any pre-printed form for providing details while registering for Job Card

The State Government may make a printed form available as per format prescribed in the relevant Annexures of the MGNREGA Operational Guidelines 2013. However, a printed form should not be insisted upon.

What are the issues the Gram Panchayat need to verify when application was made for Job Card

The Gram Panchayat need to verify whether the household is really an entity as stated in the application, applicant households are local residents in the GP concerned and applicants are adult members of the household. The process of verification shall be completed not later than a fortnight after the receipt of the application.

For how many years is the registration for Job Card valid

The registration is valid for five years and may be renewed/re-validated following process prescribed for renewal/revalidation as and when required.

If the information contained in the application found to be incorrect, what is the process to be adopted

The Gram Panchayat will refer the application to PO. The PO, after independent verification of facts and giving the person concerned an opportunity to be heard, may direct the GP to either (i) register the household or (ii) reject the application or (iii) secure the particulars correct and re-process the application.

What is the time limit for issuing Job Cards (JC) if the application made is correct

Within a fortnight after due verification is completed on finding out eligibility of a household, the job cards should be issued to all such eligible households.

Can the Job Card be handed over to any member of the household

Yes, it can be handed over to any adult member of the applicant’s household in the presence of a few other residents of the GP.

Should the cost towards Job Card (including the photograph affixed on it) be borne by the applicant

No, the cost of the Job Cards, including that of the photographs affixed on it, are covered under the administrative expenses and borne as a part of the programme cost.

If a person has grievance against the non-issuance of a Job Card, then to whom s/he has to represent the matter

The matter can be brought to the notice of PO. If the grievance is against the PO, then the matter can be brought to the notice of DPC or the designated grievance – redressal authority at the block or district level.

Is there any time-limit to address the grievances in regard to non-issuance of Job Card

Yes, all such complaints shall be disposed off within 15 days.

Is there any provision to provide duplicate Job Card for a lost one

Yes, a Job Cardholder may apply for a duplicate Job Card, if the original is lost or damaged. The application will be given to the GP and shall be processed in the manner of a new application, with the difference being that the particulars may also be verified using the duplicate copy of the JC maintained by the Panchayat.

Who is the custodian of Job Card

It must be ensured that the JC is always in the custody of the household to whom it is issued. If for any reason i.e., updation of record, it is taken by implementing agencies it should be returned on the same day after the updates. JCs found in the possession of any Panchayat or MGNREGA functionary, without a valid reason, will be considered as an offense punishable under Section 25 of the Act.

Can any adult member of household seek wage employment

Every adult member of a registered household whose name appears in the JC shall be entitled to apply for unskilled manual work.

Is there any duration limit fixed for seeking work by adult individuals registered in the JC

Yes, as per Para 11, Schedule II normally, applications for work must be for at least fourteen days of continuous work, other than the works relating to access to sanitation facilities, for which application for work shall be for atleast six days of continuous work. As per Para 10, Schedule II there shall be no limit on the number of days of employment for which a person may apply, or on the number of days of employment actually provided subject to the aggregate entitlement of the household.

Can a job card be cancelled

No, as per Para 4, Schedule II no job card can be cancelled except where it is found to be a duplicate, or if the entire household has permanently migrated to a place outside the Gram Panchayat and no longer lives in the village.

When is an applicant eligible for Unemployment allowance

If an applicant is not provided employment within fifteen days of receipt of his/her application seeking employment, in all cases of advance application, employment should be provided from the date that employment has been sought, or within 15 days of the date of application, whichever is later. Else, unemployment allowance becomes due. It will be calculated automatically by the computer system or the Management Information System (MIS).

Who is responsible for the payment of Unemployment allowance

As per Section 7(3) of MGNREGA, State Government is liable to pay unemployment allowance to the household concerned. State Government shall specify the rate of unemployment allowance payable, frame rules governing the procedure for payment of unemployment allowance and make necessary budgetary provision for payment of unemployment allowance.

Official References
Direct Link to check NREGA Job Card list 2021-2022 –
Official Website: or

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