Social media influencers are making children obese

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A recent study has revealed that famous American celebrities are intentionally and unintentionally pushing children towards obesity through social media posts.

This was revealed after a study conducted by the University of Chicago. According to research, 90% of Cell Brits’ social media posts contain unhealthy foods and beverages such as junk and fast food.

For the study, researchers looked at posts from the world’s most famous celebrities on social media, especially Instagram, about snacks, food, and beverages, and examined the advertising standards set for food items.

The analysis found that 87% of Cell Brits accounts for unhealthy foods, compared to 89.5 for beverages.

Most of the content published between 2019 and 2020 was about living stars, rather than sponsored ads.

Although the study did not name celebrities, it did include pop singer Ariana Grande, Hollywood sensation Devine Johnson, The Rock and Reality TV star Kim Kardashian Also included because these celebrities collectively have over 650 million followers.

Research has shown that the United States does not have strict advertising standards for drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, which can be exploited by American star children. Unhealthy foods Are attracted to Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five American children is obese.

Researchers say that the most popular sweets and alcohol in celebrity food posts.

Snacks and sweets, which are high in sugar and saturated fats, formed the majority of celebrity posts about food in the study, nearly triple the amount of the next highest category

21.2% post bakery items (cakes, donuts and brownies), 12.7% fruits, 8.1% vegetables, 6.5% candies, 4.5% snacks (chips, popcorn), 4% breads, 3.9% ice and so on by social media influencers. Other items. 3.4 per cent were related to sandwiches and cheese burgers, 3 per cent to poultry and 2.8 per cent to lasagna and rice dishes.

Professor Turnwald, who led the study, said: “Of course celebrities are free to post about food and beverages on their personal social media accounts. However, because of his wide following, he is likely to influence the likes and dislikes of his followers.

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