This country is locking people in metal boxes to save them from Omicron, they get beaten up on exit

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Beijing: A new and dangerous form of corona virus is wreaking havoc all over the world. Meanwhile, China is reportedly implementing strict rules in its country to avoid this variant. The Communist government of China is forcing more than 20 million people to remain locked in their homes by imposing a lockdown in many cities including Anyang. According to media reports, China has so far banned the exit of 20 million people in the cities of Anyang and Yuzhou. Not only this, they have also built a massive quarantine camp network where thousands of metal boxes have been made. All people including pregnant women, elderly, children are being quarantined in these metal boxes.

In fact, after two cases of Omicron variants were reported, a lockdown was imposed late on Monday in cities other than Anyang with a population of 5.5 million (5.5 million). According to the report, the rules under which strict lockdown has been imposed in China under the Zero Kovid policy have been called ‘the strictest lockdown in the world’. In the wee years of human rights, China is imposing extremely brutal sanctions on the people of its country. A quarantine complex has been set up over a large area of ​​108 acres in Shijiazhuang province, according to photos shared by China’s Jinping government. To quarantine the people there, they are being locked in small metal boxes for 2 weeks. They have also been given beds and more toilets in the same metal box.

After leaving the quarantine camp, people said that they were kept in cold metal containers and they were not even given proper food. He said that he remained hungry for several days. People are forced to leave their homes and live here. They were brought here by buses. An angry person told the media, “No facility is being provided here.” It doesn’t matter whether we are alive or not. In these 2 weeks no one even came to meet us. What kind of quarantine center is this? Pregnant women, the elderly and children are kept here and killed on their way out.


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