Khachri caught the thief

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Neighboring India, with every passing day, strange happenings happen which are quite shocking.

The unique incident of theft in the Indian state of Assam occurred when the thief became hungry during the incident and started cooking porridge for himself.

According to Indian media reports, an interesting incident of burglary was seen in a house in Assam when the owners of the house were away from the house and the thief broke into their house.

During the incident, the thief became hungry and he left the theft and went to the kitchen to cook khuchri. As soon as the sound of utensils came from the kitchen, the neighbors found out that the thief had entered the house.

Cooking the thief was so expensive that the police came to the spot and arrested him. However, the police later offered hot food to the hungry thief so that he could fill his stomach.

On the other hand, the Indian police shared the news on their social media account and wrote that “khuchri is very useful but cooking khuchri during the incident can be harmful.”

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