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sabotage in china before winter olympics corona infected being kept inside mater box

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Corona in China: The Winter Olympics in Beijing are starting from the first week of February. Meanwhile, the biggest challenge before the Chinese government in Beijing is the increasing cases of corona. To prevent the infection of Kovid-19, the Chinese government has crossed the extreme limit of vandalism.

Lockdown, isolation, quarantine are in force in all countries to prevent corona infection, but in China, Kovid infected people are being kept inside metal boxes. This work is being done by the Xi Jinping government of China. Such videos have started going viral.

Even children are not getting relief

Not only this, even children in China are not getting relief from this. In the video that went viral, it is seen that Kovid infected people or people who came in contact with them are being kept in a small room like a metal box. Inside there is only one bed, water bottle and a very small toilet. From children, elderly to pregnant women are also being put inside here. Controversy about this is also increasing.

not allowed to go out

Such camps have been opened in Xian city of Shangqi region of China. The news is also coming out that in Jian city with a population of two crore people are not allowed to go out even to buy food items. They can take home delivery sitting at home. If someone has got corona in any one society, then all the people are being put in a metal box like a quarantine camp.

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