how to start goat farming business How to start goat farming business plan in hindi

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How to start goat farming business plan in hindi

Goat farming business is a profitable business. A lot of profit can be earned through this business. Goat rearing can be done very easily along with agriculture. There are many farmers who do animal husbandry along with agriculture work. Anyone can start this form with the help of some simple procedures and earn money. Here the necessary information related to goat farming is being described.

goat farming

List of goat breeds:

Goats of different breeds are found in our country, their names are being given below. You can start your goat farming business with the help of any of these goat breeds.

  • Osmanabadi Goat: This breed of goat is used for both milk and meat. Goat of this breed is found in Maharashtra. Generally goats of this breed breed twice in a year. Twins or triplets (three together) can also be obtained during this reproduction process. Osmanabadi goat price is Rs 260 per kg and goat price is Rs 300 per kg in immediate time.
  • Jamunapari Goat: Goats of Jamunapari breed are much better in terms of milk. Goat of this breed gives better milk than goats of other breeds. It is a breed of Uttar Pradesh. The breeding of this breed of goat takes place only once in a year. Also, the chances of twins being born from this goat are very less. The price of goat of this breed is Rs.300 per kg and the price of goat is Rs.400 per kg.
  • Beetle Goat: Goat of this breed is found in Punjab and Haryana. This goat is very good in terms of giving milk after Jamunapari. Hence it is used for milk. However, the chances of twins being born from this breed of goat are relatively high. The price of goat of this breed is Rs 200 per kg and the price of goat is Rs 250 per kg.
  • Shiroi Goat: This breed of goat is used for obtaining both milk and meat. This is a Rajasthani breed. Generally goats of this breed do breeding activity twice a year. There is less expectation of twins in goat of this breed. The price of goat of this breed is Rs 325 per kg and the price of goat is Rs 400 per kg.
  • African bore: Goat of this breed is used for getting meat. The special feature of this breed of goat is that its weight increases a lot in a short time, so more benefits are obtained from it. Also, goats of this breed often produce twins. For this reason, the demand for African Bore goats is very high in the market. The price of goat of this breed ranges from Rs 350 per kg to Rs 1,500 per kg and the price of goats ranges from Rs 700 per kg to Rs 3,500 per kg.

Place Required for Goat Farming:

Goat rearing requires a systematic place. While selecting the location for this task, keep the following points in mind.

  • choose locationFirst of all, select such a place for goat rearing, which is outside the city area ie in a rural area. In such places the goats will be safe from the pollution and unnecessary noise of the city.
  • Construction of sheds: You will have to build a shed at the selected place for goat rearing. While constructing the shed, keep its height at least 10 feet. Construct the shed in such a way that air can come easily.
  • number of goatsThere should be at least one unit of goats for goat rearing. Keep in mind that all the goats reared should be of the same breed.
  • Drinking Water: Provide soft drinking water to the goats. This facility can be made permanently inside the shed.
  • cleanliness: Take special care of the cleanliness of the places around the goats. It is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of their excreta and urine.
  • Control of number of goats: Keep as many goats in the shed as can be easily reared. Do not increase the crowd of goats here.

Location Required:

If a total space of 20 square feet is selected for one goat, then the space required for a total of 50 goats 1000 sq ft
space required for two goats 40 square feet
Space required for 100 lambs 500 sq ft
total space required 1540 sq ft

Common goat diseases and treatments:

Raised goats can get various diseases. The main diseases caused by them are being described below, due to which there is a need to save these goats. Vaccination is used to prevent these diseases.

  • Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)Foot and mouth related diseases are often found in goats. This disease can be prevented with the help of vaccine. The vaccine for this disease is given to goats during the age of 3 to 4 months. A booster is required after four months of this vaccine. This vaccine is repeated every six months.
  • Got Plague (ppr)Plague is a very dangerous disease for goats. A large number of goats can die due to this disease. However, the prevention of this disease can be done with the help of vaccine. To protect goats from this disease, the first vaccine is given at the age of four months. After this, this vaccine needs to be given to the goats at an interval of four years.
  • got pox: Goat pox is also a very dangerous disease. To protect goats from this disease, for the first time, goats need to be vaccinated at the age of three to five months. This vaccine needs to be given to goats every year.
  • Hemorrhagic septicemia (HS): Although it is not a major disease, it still causes great harm to goats. The first vaccine for the prevention of this disease is to be given between 3 to 6 months after the birth of the goat. After this, this vaccine has to be given every year. It is advisable to give this vaccine before monsoon.
  • anthraxIt is a deadly disease, which can also spread from animal to person. Therefore, prevention of this disease is essential. For the prevention of this disease, the first vaccination is done at the age of 4 to 6 months of goat. After that this vaccine needs to be given every year.

Goat farming cost in India:

The cost of setting up a farm depends on the number of goats you want to start the farm with. Here the details of the total cost of one unit of goats are being given.

  • Normally a goat weighs 25 kg. Hence, at the rate of Rs.300 per kg, the cost of a goat is Rs.7,500.
  • Similarly, the total cost of a 30 kg goat is Rs 7,500 at the rate of Rs 250 per kg.
  • There are total 50 goats and 2 goats in a unit. Hence the total cost of buying one unit goat will be,
total cost of 50 goats Rs.3,75,000
total cost of 2 goats Rs 15,000
total cost of one unit Rs 3,90,000

same way you start poultry farming And Rabbit farming business started Taxes can reduce good profits.

Other goat farming expenses:

  • Generally, the cost of construction of a shed is Rs 100 per square feet. Up to Rs 3000 is spent annually for water, electricity etc. Rs 20,000 is required every year to feed one unit of goats.
  • If you want to insure goats, then 5% of the total cost has to be spent for this. For example, if the total cost of one unit of goats is Rs 3,90,000, then 5% of it has to be spent for insurance i.e. total Rs 1,9500.
  • The total vaccine and medical cost for one unit of goats is Rs 1,300.
  • Apart from this, if you appoint laborers to do the work, then you will have to pay separately.

Total expenses for 1 year: By adding all the above expenses, the total amount for goat rearing in a year comes up to Rs.8 lakh.

Goat farming profit or loss:

In this business, tied tied profit can not be obtained every month. However, on the occasion of many festivals like Bakrid, Eid etc., the demand for these goats increases a lot. In the initial phase, this profit is about 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees per year. This profit increases every year. The more babies the goats produce, the more profit they get.

Support from Government:

Various schemes are run by the government to promote agriculture and animal husbandry. Haryana government also started Chief Minister Sheep Palk Utthan Yojana So, you can find out and take advantage of such schemes running in your state. Apart from this, you can also get financial assistance from NABARD. Therefore, by applying to NABARD, loans and subsidies can be obtained.

Registration (Registration):

of your firm Registration MSME Or you can do it with the help of industry base. Here information about the registration of the firm is being given by Udyog Aadhar.

  • You can register online under Udyog Aadhaar. online website for Is.
  • Here you need to give your Aadhaar number and name.
  • After entering your name and Aadhaar number, click on ‘Validate Aadhaar’. By this process your Aadhaar gets validated.
  • After this you need to give your name, company name, company address, state, district, pin number, mobile number, business e-mail, bank details, NIC code etc.
  • After that enter the captcha code and click on submit button.
  • After the completion of this process, you get a certificate prepared by the MSME. You can take a print of this certificate and put it in your office.


Marketing is very much needed to run this business. Therefore, you have to take your business from dairy farm to meat shops. You can transport the milk you get from your goats to different dairy farms. Apart from this, good profit can be obtained by selling these goats in meat shops. A large number of population in India eat meat. Therefore, it can be easily traded in the meat market.

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