The US Secretary of State Blinken indicated that Finland wanted to become a member of NATO

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Blinken comments on Finland’s membership aspirations in an interview with the US channel.

According to Foreign Minister Blinken, Finland would like to join NATO. Blinken was filmed a week ago at the U.S. State Department. Photo: Lehtikuva / AFP / Andrew Harnik

Presenter interviewed by Blinken Joe Scarborough stated that based on hearsay, Finland and possibly another country now want to join NATO.

– That’s right, Blinken confirmed in his reply.

Scarborough went on to ask Blinken if this was something the United States could consider.

“Well, NATO’s door is open and if countries want to join, they have the full right to make decisions about their willingness to join,” Blinken said.

Blinken went on to say that countries must, of course, meet the membership criteria and all NATO members should accept potential new members.

– That is the basic principle that the Russians are trying to get us to retreat from. We are not going to do that, the Foreign Minister said.

Finland’s position is still a NATO option

The interview, which lasted about 12 minutes, dealt largely with US-Russian relations and the crisis in Ukraine, but also with the situation in Afghanistan. United States Department of State (switch to another service) has published a spelled version of the interview.

Finland’s position on NATO membership has not changed. Finland is a partner of NATO and retains the so-called NATO option, ie the opportunity to apply for NATO membership.

– And it must be said once again: Finland’s room for maneuver and choice also includes the opportunity to ally militarily and apply for NATO membership, if we so decide, said President Niinistö in his speech.

Foreign Secretary Blinken has previously served as the current president of the United States, among others Joe Biden as Foreign Policy Adviser, with the Vice President.

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