An ‘extraordinary’ six from Virat Kohli

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Indian cricket team batsman and captain Virat Kohli has been in the news for some time. Sometimes bad form, sometimes captaincy, sometimes not being able to play matches during the series due to injury have been associated with him.

Virat Kohli himself has been mostly silent during all this time but he has definitely said a little bit.

One of the reasons for his silence may be that he once said to his critics that “he speaks for himself, not himself.” His innings today is saying something similar.

But now that he has been seen bowling South African bowling alone in the third Test against South Africa, comments are being made on his innings on Twitter.

He is also trending on Twitter for his excellent performance in the match against South Africa, where his fans are calling Virat Kohli’s return in this style ‘one of his best innings’.

On such an occasion, no Indian batsman could play on the crease. Then Virat Kohli played a great game and played an innings of 79 runs and led the team to a slightly better score.

Meanwhile, Mohandas Menon, who is known for sharing unique statistics, shared some statistics on the sixes hit by Virat Kohli in the third Test against South Africa which has become a topic of discussion. ۔

Virat Kohli has so far scored a half-century in this Test match in which he also hit a six off Rabada’s ball.

By the way, there was nothing special about this six, but people are talking a lot about it.

The reason is that according to Mohandas Menon, this is Virat Kohli’s extraordinary six in Test cricket.

He wrote in his tweet that “Virat Kohli’s extraordinary six in Test cricket.”

This section includes related reference points (Related Nodes field)

“Today’s six in Cape Town is only the fifth of his (Virat Kohli’s) six in the last three years.”

“In those three years, Rohit Sharma has hit 31, Manik Agarwal 25 and Reshab Pant 18 sixes,” he said.

Many people have expressed surprise at this tweet of Mohandas Menon. One user wrote in reply to the same tweet that “I think Omesh Yadav has also hit more sixes than Kohli.”

In reply, Mohandas wrote: “Omesh has hit 11 sixes off 155 balls while Kohli has hit five sixes off 2568 balls.”

By the way, Virat Kohli has hit a total of 24 sixes in Test cricket since 2011. During this time, he hit the most sixes in 2017, which is six, while in 2020, he did not hit a single six.

In Test cricket, the expectation of sixes is generally low as this format tests the patience, attention and technique of any batsman.

But still let me tell you that the highest number of sixes in Test cricket so far has been hit by New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum at 107, followed by Australia’s Adam Gilchrist who hit 100 sixes. If you look at Pakistan, Misbah-ul-Haq has hit the most 81 sixes in Test cricket.

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