Saudi Arabia announces fines for non-issuance of health certificates

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The Saudi Ministry of Local Government and Development Affairs has warned that the fine will be imposed on the company which does not issue the health certificate of the worker from January 15.

According to Saudi media, the Ministry of Local Government has said that a fine of 2,000 riyals per worker will be imposed for non-issuance of health certificate of the worker and in case of repeated violation, the fine will be doubled.

It may be recalled that from Saturday, January 15, 2022, the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Settlement Affairs has started enforcing the prescribed violations and fines for commercial enterprises. In this regard, the investigation teams of the Ministry have also been informed. ۔

Earlier, the Ministry of Local Government had said that CCTV cameras should not be installed in beauty parlors. Installation of cameras is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use powder and decorative items against the prescribed standards. The fine is fixed.

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