Mapfre, Zurich and Chubb, the car insurers with the most claims before the Condusef – El Financiero

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In the third quarter of last year, six insurers that offer the policy autos they registered claims above the sector average, mainly Mapfre, Zürich Y Chubb, as announced by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

According to what was stated by the agency, between July and September 2021 the insurance carrier with more claims it was Mapfre, with 48 complaints for every 100,000 insured risks in the category of auto; he followed Zurich, with 47, and Chubb with 41.

However, if one takes into account that the sector average is 23 claims For every 100,000 insured risks, a slight increase given that from April to June of last year there were 22, Afirme, Banorte and GNP also exceeded this level, with 35 for the first two and 33 for the last.

“The increase in vehicles in circulation increases the possibility of suffering a car mishap, which can have unforeseen expenses, an economic imbalance and even legal difficulties as consequences; for this reason, it is necessary to be protected against the risks that the motorist faces on a daily basis”, pointed out the Condusef.

In the case of HDI Seguros, Quálitas, BBVA and AXA had claims Below average.

as to which insurance carrier resolves more times in favor of the user was in the first place Afirme, with an increase of 43 percent; then Zurich, with 21 percent; and Mapfre, with 20 percent compared to the second quarter. On the contrary, BBVA Seguros and Seguros Banorte, HDI, AXA and Quálitas decreased it, and GNP had no changes compared to the second quarter of 2021.

Regarding the time it takes to solve the insurers a claim against the Commission, as of the third quarter of 2021 the industry average in auto insurance was 19 business days, a reduction compared to the 26 days recorded in the immediately preceding period.

“The insurers BBVA Seguros took the least time to resolve the complaint with an average of 11 days, followed by Grupo Nacional Provincial and Axa with an average of 15 days. Regarding the second quarter, Seguros Afirme increased the time it takes to respond”, pointed out the Condusef.


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