UP Vidhan Sabha Election 2022 – Up Vidhan Sabha Election 2022

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up vidhan sabha election 2022

UP Assembly Election 2022: UP Assembly Election 2022 date “UP election 2022 Schedule” UP Assembly Election 2022 Exit Poll” UP Assembly Election 2022

Assembly elections will be held in the year 2022 for 403 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh. through the article UP assembly elections You will get all kinds of information related to the smallest and biggest. Apart from pros and cons, you will also get to read things related to public issues. Up assembly election 2022 in Uttar Pradesh) The dates of the elections have been announced. Being the largest state of the country, all eyes are on the UP elections. As soon as the date of the 2022 assembly elections in UP is fixed, the political equations have started to deteriorate.

up vidhan sabha election 2022

UP Assembly Election 2022

UP Assembly Election 2022 The date has been set. Both BJP and Congress are adopting different tactics to win the elections. While the eyes of both the political parties are on wooing the Brahmins, they are also trying to woo the Muslim vote bank. There are 20 percent Muslim voters in UP, which has influence in 120 of the 403 assembly seats in the state. To whomever they bow down, his victory is certain. This is the reason why there is a competition among the opposition parties to do them in their favour.

UP election 2022

Name of Article UP Assembly Election 2022
Launched by State Election Commission, uttar pradesh
Election Assembly Election

uttar pradesh assembly election 2022 date

Elections will be held in seven phases

  • Elections will be held in five states in seven phases. First round of polling in Uttar Pradesh on February 10.
  • Voting in Uttar Pradesh in 7 phases from February 10 to March 7.
  • Counting of votes will take place in all the states on March 10.

Uttar Pradesh first phase

Notification – 14 January
Last date for nomination – 21 January
Scrutiny of nominations – January 24
Nomination – 27 January
Voting – February 10

Uttar Pradesh second phase

Notification – 21 January
Last date for nomination – 28 January
Scrutiny of nominations – 29 January
Nomination – 31 January
Voting – February 14

Uttar Pradesh Phase III

Notification 25 January
Last date for nomination is February 1
Scrutiny of nominations February 2
Nomination 4 February
Voting February 20

Uttar Pradesh’s fourth phase

Notification 27 January
Last date for nomination is February 3
Scrutiny of nominations February 4
Nomination 7 February
Voting February 23

Uttar Pradesh’s fifth phase

Notification 1st February
Last date for nomination is February 8
Scrutiny of nominations February 9
Nomination 11 February
Voting February 27

Uttar Pradesh’s sixth phase

Notification 4th February
Last date for nomination is February 11
Scrutiny of nominations February 14
Nomination 16 February
Voting March 3

Seventh phase of Uttar Pradesh

Notification 10 February
Last date for nomination is February 17
Scrutiny of nominations February 18
Nomination February 21
Voting March 7

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022

The term of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly will end on May 14, 2022. The results of Uttar Pradesh elections will be declared on March 10. Let us tell you that it is more difficult to conduct elections in Uttar Pradesh than in other states. In such a situation, voting will be held here in seven phases starting from February till March.

First Question, Answer State In To all Big Issue What Is?

Unemployment 58.1%
Dearness 10%
road electricity water 8.4%
corruption in government work 5.4%
law and order 4.7%
education system 4.5%
corona pandemic 3.6%
CAA/NRC 1.8%
other 3.5%

Statistics are showing that as of today the biggest issue in Uttar Pradesh is unemployment. Inflation is at number two and corona epidemic is at number seven.

second Question, Yogi Government Of performance To You How see Huh?

Good 35.3%
average 22.6%
poor 42.1%

Looking at the figures, it cannot be denied that, among the general public of Uttar Pradesh, 35 percent people are happy with the performance of Yogi government while 42 percent people are angry, on the other hand 22 percent people are considering Yogi government as average. Combining good and average, it is clear from the figures that most of the people are happy with the government.

third Question, Chief Minister Yogi adityanath Of performance To You How see Huh?

Good 37.1%
average 23.4%
poor 39.5%

The figures given above are screaming that, 37 percent of the people of Uttar Pradesh are happy with the performance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, as well as 23 percent of the people are keeping the Chief Minister in a mediocre way while 39 percent people are quite satisfied with the performance of Chief Minister Yogi. are angry.

fourth Question, Your calculation From Answer State In Best CM Candidate Who Huh?

Yogi Aditya Nath BJP 42.2%
Akhilesh Yadav SP 32.2%
Mayawati BSP 17%
Priyanka Gandhi Congress 2.9%
Jayant Choudhary RLD 1.2%
other 4.5%

These figures are convincing for Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and BJP that 42 percent of the people of Uttar Pradesh consider Yogi Adityanath as a qualified CM candidate, while Akhilesh Yadav is at number two and his approval rating is 32 percent i.e. there is a disparity of 10 percent. The figures for Congress and Priyanka Gandhi are shocking because Priyanka Gandhi’s approval rating is only and only about 3 percent.

fifth And Real Question, Who Victory Stayed Is Answer State?

BJP 43.1%
SP 29.6%
BSP 10.1%
Congress 8.1%
hung assembly 3.1%
other 3.2%
Can not say 2.8%

The real question of issue is this and the figures are clearly saying that BJP is coming back to power again under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath. It is clear from this, 43 percent of the voters of Uttar Pradesh are saying that BJP will win the elections in the year 2022 as well. Under the leadership of SP Akhilesh Yadav, the second number party will remain again and Mayawati’s party BSP will remain the third number as before. Under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress is neither above nor below but at number four, that is, the Priyanka model also failed.

According to the data of Times Now C – Voter Poll Tracker, BJP is coming back to power for the second time in a row under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath. Akhilesh, Mayawati and Priyanka all seem to be failing. It is important to mention one thing that this Times Now C-Voter Poll Tracker is an estimate and not the real result and we have to wait for the real result of February-March 2022.

UP election 2022 result date | UP assembly elections result 2022

The elections to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (UP Assembly Election 2022) will be conducted in seven phases. The Election Commission of India has released the UP Election Schedule on 8 January 2022, Saturday evening. According to the commission, the first phase of voting in UP will be held on February 10 and the seventh phase of voting will be held on March 7. The counting of votes will be done on 10 March 2022.

Q1 : Which states have assembly elections in 2022?

Year : February or March 2022 : Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab & October 2022 : Himachal Pradesh

Q2: When was the last time elections were held in UP?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections were held in 7 phases from February 11 to March 8.

Q3: How many MLAs are there in UP?

Ans: It is the largest legislature in India. The Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly has 403 elected members and one nominated Anglo-Indian member.

Q4 : How many assembly seats are there in UP?

Ans: There are 403 assembly seats in UP. There are 403 assembly constituencies in Uttar Pradesh.

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