A drone flying in the air and floating in the water

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Although drones have become floating in the water and flying in the air. But now scientists have incorporated both into the same drone system.

Thanks to this new system, a flying drone can carry a water drone and launch it into the water when the time comes. Its full name is Sea Air Integrated Drone System. It is currently being tested in a water park in Japan. However, Japanese telecommunications companies are also involved in its preparation.

On the other hand, flying robots and water drones have been reported by various companies. Both drones can operate in all types of weather and conditions. The flying robot flies by holding it in a kind of clutch and releasing the water drone (ROV) inside when the time comes.

Operators sitting on the shore control both drones. Both drones are equipped with cameras and hand in hand with data. However, the drone is tied to a wire that can be lifted up again after completing a mission or task.

The drone can be used for underwater photography, aquaculture monitoring, pond maintenance and other purposes. It can also be used for sea turbines and other purposes.

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