How to learn from the changes?

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How to learn from the changes?

Isolation, number of infections, inflation, deaths, debts. These are just some of the words that Argentines have heard the most in the last two years. Inevitably, the pandemic and the economic conditions that the country has gone through have affected people’s mental and emotional health.

But not the whole panorama has to be dark since learning can be harvested from moments of change.

“We have to be able to recognize that in any crisis situation, we, as human beings, can always emerge empowered in some way,” said psychologist Marco Leone

Leone explained that it is useful to observe and reflect on these situations since “Crises provide evidence of what is missing, what is going wrong and what we are not knowing how to do.” It is for this reason that in these times many people can make great offers too. “There are people who build new companies, new identities and professions,” Leone said. For this reason, he pointed out the importance of asking “how am I going to take care of all this that is happening?”

On the other hand, he clarified that there are times when we cannot do this. It usually happens when you are so internally and personally overwhelmed that you create the thought of “I’m not going to be able to”.

Faced with this situation, the psychologist recommended “talking with others.”

“Human beings depend on our quality of conversations with others to be able to build life with them and the vast majority of us have reached adulthood without knowing how to converse. We speak but we do not necessarily know how to listen. We speak but we do not necessarily know how to say what we need to say,” he explained.

Finally, he emphasized the idea of ​​maintaining a dialogue with people who think differently and can give us a new point of view of our problems.

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