Wanting to fix it by wearing the wrong bra, may increase the risk of these diseases

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Be it the season or the festival, but ladies take full care of their fashion. Then whether it includes clothes or makeup items. Ladies take everything very carefully. But, there is one thing that she does not think about at all while buying and takes it a bit. That is his bra. Then she buys it in a hurry. But, later they have to face many health related problems (Wearing the wrong bra size effects). You might have heard this for the first time. But, this is hundred percent true. So, let us tell you about the problems that you will definitely keep in mind while buying a bra.

According to a recent study, 80 percent of ladies wear the wrong size bra. Whereas 70 percent of ladies wear much smaller than their size. At the same time, there are 10 such who wear bras much bigger than the size. By doing this, ladies may have to face back pain, shoulder pain, rashes and many types of health-related problems (tight bra syndrome). To get rid of them, every woman should know her right size so that she can choose the right bra. So, let us tell you what problems you may have to face by choosing the wrong bra size.

shoulder and neck pain
Ladies with big breasts may have to suffer shoulder and neck pain due to wearing the wrong bra. Actually, bras with wide straps supporting the weight are designed for these ladies. But, if you wear a bra smaller than the size, then problems like neck and shoulder pain start increasing.

breast pain
If you select the wrong bra size, then the biggest problem breast has to face. By doing this breast pain starts. These problems trouble those ladies whose breasts are heavy. Or those who do more yoga and exercise.

back pain
Research has revealed that ladies who have big breasts and wear the wrong size bra. They may have to face problems like back pain.

Keep these things in mind while buying a bra
Keep in mind that bra should always be selected according to body type and size.
Always buy a bra of one size big cup, so that the skin does not come out after moving your hands up and down.
Along with the tight strap of the bra, the elastic of its strap should be comfortable and soft.

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