Danced on Punjabi songs, distribution of prasad done, newly married couples and newborn babies honored | Danced on Punjabi songs, distributed prasad, respected newly married couples and newborn babies

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Ajmer21 minutes ago

The celebrated festival of Lohri was celebrated in homes.

The festival of Lohri was celebrated in Ajmer district on Thursday with Punjabi songs and traditional methods. This time the Sikh society celebrated the festival of Lohri in homes instead of Gurdwaras or congregational places. People also distributed rewari, gajak and other prasad.

Children show enthusiasm on Lohri festival

Especially in the city of Ajmer, a big event of Lohri is celebrated in Guru Sabha at Hathibhata and Dashmesh Gurdwara at Alwar Gate. Events are also organized on this occasion in other Gurudwaras of the city. This time these events were held at home. The representatives of the Sikh society told that every Sikh family waits for the festival of Lohri. But this time in view of the infection of Corona, instead of Gurudwara, it was decided to celebrate this event in the families on behalf of the Sikh society, so that no one gets infected on this occasion of the festival. In Sikh families, fire was lit at home in the evening and dishes made of jaggery and sesame were offered to the fire.

Women danced on traditional songs.

Women danced on traditional songs.

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