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To avoid the rise in infections by the variant omicron In the winter season, the Mexico City Metro Collective Transportation System (CDMX) implemented five rules for users and called not to lower their guard “so as not to spread and not get infected.”

According to the statement, the rules implemented are the following:

•El use of face masks compulsory both for entering the metro facilities and for staying inside the facilities, covering completely from the nose to the chin. Users are also asked to wear a face shield in order to provide greater protection.

•Use of gel antibacterial inside the net, after holding onto the handrails and metal structures, as well as avoiding touching their faces or those of their companions during the journey. Subsequently, upon arrival at the destination, users are invited to wash hands with soap and water.

Keep silence and avoid talking, singing, yelling, or calling cell phones. The foregoing in order to reduce the emission of saliva droplets that are generated when speaking, and thus reduce the possibility of contagion in closed spaces.

•In case of cough or sneeze, the area of ​​the nose and mouth should be covered with the inner angle of the elbow.

•As a basic health measure, you should avoid eating or drinking within the facilities, either inside the wagon, as well as in the access areas, arrival corridors or transfers.

In addition, the Metro reported that during times of increased mobility, user service personnel will be touring the facilities to invite users to use the face mask correctly and invite them to take antibacterial gel from the dispensers found in the lockers.

“The brigades are duly identified with orange vests and carry out the tours at the busiest times, both in the morning and in the evening,” reads the statement.

Currently, Mexico registers 43,523 active cases from COVID-19 and 148 deaths according to data from the Ministry of Health.


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