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NASA’s new space X-ray telescope, launched three days ago, is now ready to peek into the vastness of space.

On December 9, Imaging X-ray Polarmetry Exploration (IXPE) was launched into orbit from the Cape Canaveral space station. It is specially designed for viewing X-ray images, as its name implies. That is why it will show the dramatic scenes of the universe in which black holes and neutron stars will be shown in great detail.

It has a total weight of 330 kg which was carried out of the earth by the Falcon IX rocket. Its orbit is just above the equator. IXPE has cost about 21 214 million. The three detectors or sensors mounted on it are the heart and brain of the space telescope.

There are energy-releasing bodies in the universe that it will observe. Due to its aerial cover while living on Earth, we cannot see these bodies well. This will help to see the X-rays of the hottest objects in the universe.

It should be noted that NASA had launched Chandra X-ray telescope in 1999 and this latest telescope has been developed only after its success. But equivalent to a domestic refrigerator, IXPE will provide us with a lot of information regarding other important items.

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