Daily Cave-19 daily case at highest level since epidemic!

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Saudi Arabia recorded the highest number of daily cases on Thursday since the outbreak of the CWD-19 epidemic, and the Ministry of Health has reported the diagnosis of 5,499 new cases.

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Riyadh: The highest number of daily cases has been recorded in Saudi Arabia since the outbreak of CWD-19 on Thursday and the Ministry of Health has reported the diagnosis of 5,499 new cases. Two people have already died from the deadly virus. A total of 5,362 cases were recorded on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia recorded the first case of the Omekron variable in early December. It is believed to have come from an unknown country in North Africa. Since the onset of the epidemic in the country, a total of 599,044 cases of CWD-19 have been recorded and 8,901 deaths have been reported.

The nationwide vaccination campaign is also in full swing and more than 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Saudi Arabia has recently revised its Code of Conduct 19 and increased its fines on violators.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, those who refuse to check the temperature before entering public or private places and do not follow social distance rules will be fined 6 266 (1,000 Saudi riyals). Repeated offenses can result in a fine of up to 6 266,000 (100,000 riyals).

Saudi Arabia last week re-imposed restrictions on social distance at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and elsewhere. Marks have now been re-marked on the floor. Earlier, these marks were removed on October 17.

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