World record recorded in the name of Indian batsmen in Cape Town Test, this has never happened till date

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New Delhi: Team India and South Africa have created a world record in the Test match between them in Cape Town. This world record has been made by Indian batsmen. The bowlers and fielders of the African team have also contributed a lot in this. Actually, what the Indian batsmen have done in this match has never happened before in the history of Test cricket.

Actually, this is the first time in the history of Test cricket that all 20 wickets have been taken in both the innings of a team. The world record for all 20 wickets dismissed in the third and deciding Test between India and Africa is maintained. In this match, Team India has returned to the pavilion after taking all 20 wickets in both the innings.

It is mentioned that before the Cape Town Test, there have been 5 times in Test history when 19 wickets in both the innings of the same team were caught and returned to the pavilion. This record was made earlier in the 2019-20 Test between South Africa and England in Cape Town itself. South Africa were 19 wickets behind in both the innings.


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