Whose is the most powerful passport in the world?

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دنیا Of Powerful Most Passport United States Or United Kingdom Of no Rather Japanese Citizens of the Pass Is. Japan One Times Then First Position The result To do I Successful Here it is.Rank Classification I Pakistan 108th No. On Is, In last year’s ranking, Pakistan was ranked 113th out of 116 countries.

Hanley Index By 2022 Powerful Most Passports Of List Current کردی, رYanking of the Matching Japan And Singapore List I First No. On Stay that both of them Countries of the Passport Keep 192 Countries Of Without Visa a trip Can do Are

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others No. On Germany And South Korea, Third On Fan Land, Italy, Spin, Fourth On Austria, Denmark, France, نادر Land And Sweden, Fifth On Ireland And Portugal of the Passport Stay

The worst passport is Afghanistan, which ranks 111th in the world. Iraq ranks 110th and Syria 109th. Pakistan is ranked 108th.

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