A town in Italy resembling a man with outstretched legs and arms

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Looking through the air at Chantorrepe, a small town in Italy, it looks exactly like a human being with his legs and arms outstretched.

It should be noted that the island of Chantoripe is spread over the mountains of Sicily. It is also known as the Sicilian Balcony.

It is a town with stunning views around Mount Athena, but few people know that it offers a spectacular view from the air.

Pew Andre Perry, a 32-year-old local photographer, recently used a drone to capture a unique view of the town from a height in his camera.

In fact, when Andre saw his town on Google Maps, he was impressed by its unusual shape.

On which he decided that he would take pictures of her from the air. She later shared it on her social media, which went viral.

If viewed from a right angle, the town looks like a man’s legs and outstretched arms.


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