Dog Loves Watching Television With Grandma See Cute Video

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The dog likes to sit with the mistress and watch TV, if someone disturbs, then does such an act

Videos like these which show us a deep loving bond between a pet and their owner, makes our heart happy to see such videos. Now one such video has now surfaced on social media, showing a dog’s deep love and understanding with his mistress. This video was first shared on Tiktok and later also on Reddit, the video shows a pitbull dog sitting on the couch with his mistress and watching television with great attention and seriousness.

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In the beginning of the video, it is shown how the dog is sitting comfortably on the sofa with his owner and when he comes to know that his video is being recorded, he starts looking at the camera. Both of them are watching TV with pleasure while sitting together and are looking very cute while sitting together. Meanwhile, the mistress keeps talking to the dog about what they are seeing as if it were a human! This part is absolutely heart-wrenching to watch as the dog is making such faces, which looks like he understands everything.

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The caption accompanying the video of the dog read, “My little bully with his grandma,” which is cute and funny too. Seeing the gestures of the dog in this video, a smile will definitely come on your face. Because this video is so cute. One Redditor wrote, “Gotta love her face” Another wrote, “It’s so cute! Sounds like my mom when she talks about her dogs. Is your mom Mexican too?” Commenting on the third user wrote, “She is the cutest thing ever.”


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