Talks on the Farmers movement inconclusive: The minister told the sarpanches, NRDA has given them a lot of work, end the movement, the sarpanch said – we should fulfill the demands, resign | The minister said – got a lot of work, end the agitation; Sarpanch said – fulfill the demands, we are ready to resign

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  • Talks On The Farmers Movement Inconclusive: The Minister Told The Sarpanches, NRDA Has Given Them A Lot Of Work, End The Movement, The Sarpanch Said We Should Fulfill The Demands, Resign

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The initial attempt to negotiate in the ongoing farmers’ movement against the Nava Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) has ended in vain. There was no mutual understanding between Urban Administration and Development Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria and the sarpanches of the affected villages. The minister said, NRDA has given a lot of work to the sarpanches. They should convince the villagers and end the movement. The sarpanches categorically rejected this offer. A sarpanch of Nava Raipur has even said that he is ready to resign from the post of sarpanch if the government fulfills the demands.

Roopan Chandrakar, president of the new capital affected farmers welfare committee, said that the regional MLA and Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria had called the sarpanches of Nava Raipur area for talks. Apart from the sarpanches of Navagaon Khapri, Kayabandha, Rakhi, Chhatauna, Kotrabhantha, Kotni and Upvara, former sarpanch and district panchayat members had participated. The sarpanches put forth the demands being raised by the rural agitators there. It is being told that the Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria did not give any direct assurance on this. His emphasis was only on ending the movement.

The sarpanches were told, you are the people of the party. You have got a lot of work through NRDA. In such a situation, it becomes their responsibility to support the government and NRDA. Explain to the villagers so that after ending the agitation, they go home. Rupan Chandrakar said, the sarpanches refused to do so. Some sarpanches said there that the government should fulfill the demand of the villagers. They are also ready to resign from their posts. With this the conversation broke down. The sarpanches went to the agitation site and gave details of the conversation to the villagers.

Farmers refuse to negotiate at minister’s residence
Roopan Chandrakar, president of the new capital affected farmers welfare committee, said, they are ready to talk to the government. The minister is calling to his residence for talks. The committee has decided that there will be no talks at the minister’s residence. Whether they come to the NRDA office or call any government office, we will reach the conversation.

Movement is going on with these demands

  • According to the Nava Raipur Rehabilitation Scheme, the provision of getting horticulture, residential and commercial plots free of cost should be followed in proportion to the acquired land.
  • The land owners have not received compensation in the award made under the Land Acquisition Act, they should get compensation 4 times the market value.
  • Get the lease of rural settlement in Nava Raipur area.
  • The annuity amount should be fully allocated.
  • Under the Rehabilitation Package-2013, 1200 square feet plot should be given to all adults.
  • The ban on purchase and sale of land from the year 2005 should be removed immediately.
  • Provision should be followed to give Gumti, Platform, Shop, Business premises adjoining the population at cost price to 75% of the affected people.

Makar Sankranti will be celebrated at the movement site
The agitating farmers have been sitting in front of the Nava Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) building for the last 12 days. Their food and sleeping are also happening there. Now it has been decided that till the demands are fulfilled, all the festivals will also be celebrated there. Preparations are on to celebrate Makar Sankranti there on Friday. Rupan Chandrakar, who is leading the movement, said, they will also hoist the flag here on Republic Day.

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