What mistakes are made during meals that lead to obesity and bloating?

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What we eat and drink throughout the day has a direct effect on our body, however a common mistake can lead to bloating and obesity.

According to research, most of us have a habit of finishing our food quickly and eating fast, and this habit is our biggest mistake.

Yes! Research from the University of Waseda has shown that eating too fast without chewing food can lead to obesity and bloating.

According to research, chewing food well prevents obesity and weight gain, and the energy expended during snacking raises body temperature.

During the study at the University of Waseda, volunteers were involved in three different trials using liquid foods, all of which took place on different days.

In the first trial, volunteers were instructed to swallow 20 ml of liquid food every 30 seconds.

In another trial, they were told to keep food in their mouths without chewing and then swallow.

In the last trial, volunteers were asked to chew 30 ml of food for 30 seconds and then swallow it.

In all three trials, a careful review of the results, taking into account appetite, bloating, and all other factors, found that chewing food accelerated energy production and increased blood flow, as well as upper esophageal sphincter. Chewing in part increased the reaction.

However, this study showed that chewing food well consumes more body energy which leads to obesity, metabolic syndrome, bloating, a type of fat in the blood, triglycerides, lowering cholesterol levels, high blood pressure. And it helps prevent high blood sugar.

Experts say that eating food comfortably and chewing well does not increase body weight and there is no risk of bloating, so food should always be chewed well and eaten slowly.

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