Corona’s biggest war, a record of more than 3.1 million cases a day in the world

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The global pandemic, which began in 2019, has so far affected more than 310 million people and killed more than 5.5 million.

The World Health Organization warns that within the next six to eight weeks, a new type of corona, Omecron, will be in its infancy, an estimate of 7 million new cases reported across Europe in the first week of 2022. The number of infections has more than doubled in just two weeks.

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According to initial reports, the new type of corona does not cause severe illness for people who have been vaccinated with omega corona. The largest number is about 45,000 children.

After 62 deaths a day, the Canadian province of Quebec has announced that it will collect health taxes from residents who have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus, with only 12.8% of Quebec residents not being vaccinated.

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