With the return of the study .. the continued closure of the “Al-Iskan Bridge” confuses traffic

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A number of citizens confirmed that the closure of the Housing Bridge on King Fahd Road in Dammam may cause severe congestion, especially at peak times, with students returning to study and employees going to work, explaining that the congestion may extend for long distances.

They pointed out the occurrence of traffic accidents, in the absence of guidance panels before maintenance operations at a sufficient distance, so everyone is surprised by the presence of maintenance work, and this is what leads to accidents.

alternative methods

Citizen Abdulelah Muhammad said: The closure of the Housing Bridge on King Road causes a congestion of vehicles, and that the congestion reached 5 to 6 kilometers, and the road was stopped, calling for the need to publish alerts on all communication sites, and to clarify alternative routes.

early exit

He added: The suffering will increase if this reform continues for a long time, as it will become difficult to reach the desired destination, and this closure causes a lot of delay in their work, and they are forced to leave early, continuing: Despite the early departure, anyone may be late for His work is due to overcrowding, which extends over long distances.


He pointed out the need to speed up the completion of the repair project, especially in light of the occurrence of accidents, the last of which was yesterday, which witnessed 4 traffic accidents, due to the surprise of vehicle drivers with the presence of maintenance work.

Urgent solutions

And the citizen, Muhammad Abdullah, indicated that it took about an hour and a half in the distance from the beginning of the Ibn Khaldoun Bridge to the Iskan Bridge, which caused him to be late for his work, calling on the competent authorities to urgently solve the King Fahd “Bridges” road, and that the period proposed by the project contractor will cause a lot. Obstacles to road users.

Residential census

He warned that any traffic accident on the road would stop it completely for long hours, and that an expansion project for this road was necessary; This road will become only two lanes, and these are the biggest obstacles that will continue for many years, if there are no solutions in the expansion, especially in light of the population census of the area.

constant suffering

He stressed: If there is no expansion, the suffering will continue, and traffic will remain suffocated, even after repairs are made and the main road has stopped, adding: Many alternative solutions must be developed; In order not to be pressure on only one road.

long time

For his part, citizen Saad Al-Olayani stated that the 15-day period is considered a long time to complete the project to repair the housing bridge project on King Fahd Road, and that the length of the period will cause severe congestion, and may cause a lot of delays in their work and their destinations.

Long Distances

He added that the congestion reaches long distances, in light of the congestion and traffic stoppage, stressing the necessity of having instructions, and setting up more than one alternative road; To relieve stress on this road.

He concluded that the suffering will increase in the coming days, especially during the vacation period, and the presence of many people coming from outside the region, stressing the necessity of guiding panels before the detour with an appropriate distance; For everyone to be careful.


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